Monday, February 11, 2008

Parks Department ♥ trees

Hello Everyone,

Once again the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation has proven that they often don't have a clue as to what is happening under their watch. No Parking signs for Monday, February 11, 2008 have been posted on 212th Street in Bay Terrace. The restrictions will be effect from 8-4 p.m. for the purpose of tree pruning. Is this a good thing, of course it is. For some time now, we have been asking DPR to prune the trees in that location.

So what is it that makes me so unhappy? Well, the the notices, which are all along the street, were affixed to the trees with large staples. So on the one hand DPR is maintaining the trees with a much needed pruning but at the same time are damaging the trees by puncturing them with staples. Someone is asleep at the switch.

Warren Schreiber
President, Bay Terrace Community Alliance, Inc.


loyal citizen said...

Burning the wick at both ends, I see. What a hypocrisy! When will they learn?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that staples cause
any permanent damage to trees Warren.

As long as the bark covering isn't completely
removed around the circumference of a tree ("girdling") nothing will happen.
Trees heal themselves.

But the NYC Parks Dept.
can always be depended upon to
have their heads up their asses.

Taxpayer said...

All yak; no sack.

Bloomberg and Benepe talk and talk and talk all about their love of the earth, nature and the environment.

Then, first opportunity they shit all over their precious loves.

After all these years, neither of these morons figured a way to hang a notice to a tree without damaging the tree or littering the vicinity?

Yet, they can spend hundreds of millions of our tax payments to destroy the trees at Ridgewood Reservoir, and then cover the land in concrete and toxic turf. But, not a single penny to find a substitute for staples? Is that another kickback contract that needs protection?

Are they just stupid? Or corrupt?

Anonymous said...

don't think that staples cause
any permanent damage to trees Warren.

Yes, but it sets a bad example for heavens sake!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon fella,
get with the real issues.

I don't think that staples will set a bad
example either.

Unless its a "Staples" office supply store being built in the middle of Kissena Park.

This kind of trite foolishness
sets a bad example for preservationists.

It gives comfort to our enemies.

Queens Crapper said...

If you or I were caught stapling something to a tree, the Parks Department would issue us a ticket and force us to pay a fine ($500 I think). But they are immune from punishment when they do this?

Anonymous said...

That's true "Crapper"
the parks Dept. doesn't need a permit
for any atrocities they commit.

I'd sure love to staple Benepe to a tree
since hanging is verboten!

He could have intervened and preserved
the St. Saviour's site for sorely needed parkland.