Monday, February 11, 2008

Pete's hot air vs. clean air

I had to call something to your attention. Check out this op-ed in this week's Queens Tribune:
What a croc!!!! Our illustrious and environmentally concerned councilman has introduced legislation to prevent private citizens from owning sensors and other monitoring equipment without city permission. Of course, we all know how reliable EPA and other government-produced data is (it was OK to work at the World Trade Center cleanup without appropriate protective gear, right?).

If this legislation is passed, then we will lose the ability to monitor our own air, water, and soil and have to rely on potentially falsified info from not-to-be-trusted government sources.

I can't believe that Vallone is bragging about his environmental background, etc. I sure hope that someone calls him out on such hypocritical bragging.


P.S. here is more about it:
N.Y.P.D. looks to regulate environmental detectors


Anonymous said...

Mindless chatter using or jumping on the environment bandwagen. Partners with Quinn, huh - wow toading with the biggest friend a developer ever found in Manhattan.

Vallone keeps his PR rep very busy conjouring airy ideas.

Anonymous said...

No matter how you slice it, thick or thin,
we're once again being force fed some more

Is there no end to this corrupt
political mafia family's interference
with public safety issues?

I guess that if the citizens of Astoria
were to set up their own private air quality monitoring stations,
Don "junior" Valllone and his DEP buddies
would wind up getting a black eye
regarding Con Ed's power plant emissions
that are poisoning the neighborhood!

Taxpayer said...

You own smoke or CO or radon detectors in your home? He wants them to be illegal unless you apply for a permit.

What false alarms are Bloomberg, Quinn and Vallone claiming are such a problem?

What cover-up is this trio attempting?

Naturally, there will be an application fee for the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of household detectors already installed in our homes.

Why is Bloomberg pushing this Soviet-style bill? It was introduced at his request; look at the official web page.

Alan said...

If environmental monitoring is outlawed, only outlaws (government agencies at all levels) will have monitors! The proposed legislation is an affront, especially to those who have legitimate concerns about specific pollution and other environmental issues. I have been told that some information from official reports get "scrubbed" if it raises eyebrows. I guess the best example that comes to mind right off the bat is the ground zero cleanup site. The fact that this legislation is being proposed by that hypocrite Peter Vallone, Jr., who is a self-proclaimed environmentalist according to this column, really gets my goat!

Anonymous said...

Considering all the problems in Astoria, from the infrastructure to the absentee landlords to the declining shopping districts, its just odd as to what this guys thinks is important.

Astoria is going to hell and he issues press relases on kids homework.

That is what happens when you have a one party community.

Queens Crapper said...


Damn, why didn't I think of that. I'll have to title a post with that. The way Pete's been pumping out news, it probably won't be long.

k__ said...


plz credit me as the originator of this phrase:

I know it's grasping of me to be pointing this out but since you were unable to use that piece about the bayside boulder which I recently sent over (sniffle, sniffle) I figured I might still try and get something of mine posted on Queens Crap, especially "a title" would be pretty darn neat. :)

k__ said...

ps only joking about my "getting credit." LOL

...but not about my feeling :(

Queens Crapper said...

Ken, I am saving your submission for when Manhattan week is over.

ken said...

cool. :)
make that 3x's :)

verdi said...

I wonder who would come in first
on generating the most press releases these days.

Will it be Vallone or Liu ?

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter
because Parkside is probably writing them
for both council members.

So Parkside comes in first and Evan Stavisky
and his fellow BS artist/crooks
get to take home all that loot !