Wednesday, February 13, 2008

LPC designates 2 Queens landmarks

LPC designates Queens synagogue as landmark

At Last, 1898 Jamaica Bank Building Is a Landmark


loyal citizen said...

It's about time the "Lazy Partners in Crime" did something right. Keep 'em coming, Tierney & Co! Fulfill your promise made at the City Council Landmarks Oversight Hearing at Queens Borough Hall in spring 2006.

Anonymous said...

It's about time, what's next? Erect a stone memorial for St Saviour's after it is demolished?

Anonymous said...

Long overdue.
Now let's see some more action ole Bumbling Bob
at the LPC instead of some more token schools, firehouses and public swimming pools!

Only the exterior of a house of worship
can be designated.
The sanctuary must be free from government restrictions.
Separation of church & state rules here.

designerfromqueens said...

Hey Is that Synagogue off of Corona Ave. & 55 Ave? Just curious.If it is, it is a great piece of architecture,albeit in disrepair...

Anonymous said...

As a landmark, this synagogue can receive much-needed funds for repairs. Ultimately, landmarking a building does not remove it from the threat of demolition or neglect.

The Republican Club and RKO Keiths are landmarked, but their owners keep them in disrepair. Remember St. Monica's Church? It too was a landmark, and its last owner was the state.