Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fix it before it falls down

Angry NYer is frustrated because the state has decided to hold onto something that the vast majority of us would like to see get replaced:

This is one case where historic preservationists are clearly acting like a bunch of sodding idiots.

BQE Experience


Anonymous said...

This is critical infrastructure for NYC, why fix it now, wait till hundreds die and the entire BQE closes?

The grand bulldozing legacy of Robert Moses. Brooklyn a place divided.

Anonymous said...

Take it down. It's outmoded.

This is not a historic icon.....
except when it's the subject of radio traffic reports
such as, "....motorists are advised
that there is a jam up on the K. Bridge...."!

I suppose there are some "preservationists"
who would likewise prefer going back
to surgery without anesthesia
because it was more historically appropriate!

Bah !

We Light Up Queens said...

That bridge shakes when you are stuck in traffic on it. A daily occurrence for many commuters. Something needs to be done. The proposal to build two bridges in its place seems optimal to the plan to restore and preserve the bridge.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Crapper, the K Bridge was built "way up high" supposedly to let huge boats navigate the waters underneath. Can you conjure up any photos of such a situation?

the angry man said...

The approaches to that bridge don't look all that different than the one in st. paul that dropped...

With the chaos that could ensue should that bridge collapse, you'd think this would be front page news. I guess things like tax breaks for MSG, drugged up sports teams, and all the other crap that goes on in this town is all way more important than protecting lives and preserving (or, *gasp* enhancing) vital infrastructure.