Friday, February 15, 2008

Auburndale Is Ignored

On Tuesday, February 19, at 7:30 p.m., the Auburndale Improvement Association, Inc., will be holding its monthly meeting at the Reception House, located at 167-17 Northern Blvd., Flushing. The main topic for discussion will be contextual rezoning for the Auburndale community. Queens Director of City Planning John Young has accepted an invitation to attend this meeting and a very large turnout of the organization's membership is expected that night.

The rezoning of the Auburndale community has been postponed over and over again over the last three years despite promises from City Planning that the community's turn would be next. At the Zoning Task Force meeting at Borough Hall in December, Auburndale was among the communities last on Young's list to be rezoned in Queens County. Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, at her State of the Borough speech in January, did not even mention Auburndale when she spoke of upcoming rezonings. This indicates to the Auburndale Improvement Association that Auburndale's rezoning may be years away from completion, if at all.

The residents of Auburndale are tired of being put off and ignored in their desire to be rezoned. The Auburndale Improvement Association has sent hundreds of letters from community residents to Amanda Burden, director of the City Planning Commission, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other elected officials calling for rezoning in Auburndale. Since other communities around Auburndale have been rezoned, the community has been the target of those who choose to take advantage of the inappropriate zoning. This can not continue. This cannot be tolerated.

Overdevelopment and inappropriate development are major problems in Auburndale and other communities across the city. Contextual rezoning is one tool that helps mitigate those problems. The character of the Auburndale community must be preserved with the help of contextual rezoning before that character is totally destroyed.

All members of the press are invited to attend the meeting on February 19.

Henry Euler
Zoning and Housing Chair
Auburndale Improvement Assoc., Inc.

Hey they are feeding the same line of bull over here in Maspeth. Maybe it's time for a boroughwide protest against these charlatans who are allowing our neighborhoods to be destroyed.


Anonymous said...

Ask Mighty John Young why he is wasteing your time with mind-numbing double talk.


Anonymous said...

Ask him about the mess they are making in western Queens with Dutch Kills, Hunters Point, and the waterfront.

Ask him where is the infra structure for another million people.

Ask him how city resoureces (read your taxes) can be used to make YOUR community better TODAY.

Ask him about how much of city resources (read your taxes) are being used to help private developers.

Anonymous said...

Ask him why they rushed through increasing zoning in Dutch Kills while everyone wanting downzoning (that is everyone else) had be be kept waiting.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter
how many questions the moderator
allows to be fired at Mr. Young.

He'll just sit stupidly up on the dais,
phumphering for a moment
while he collects his thoughts
and invite you to call his office in the morning.

I feel an Excedrin headache coming on.

And I think I'd better get some vitamin E oil
to soothe my burning ass
'cause I think we've been butt f----d
by the Dept. of City Planning (shitty plotting)
once again!

Anonymous said...

I thought that our borough's
premiere city planner
was on top of this zoning issue.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident in the adjacent community of North Flushing, also waiting for the day we get rezoned. I am fed up with the lies from the mayor, City Planning and the local politicians.
There is too much money to be made in the Flushing area. Other areas that are being rezoned are areas in mediocre(at best) school districts. Therefore, no huge demand to buy into them. Flushing however, has a great school district and therefore has a great demand to live there. In other words, Flushing will always be a good investment, especially for a builder or investor in real estate.
This is all about money folks.

Anonymous said...

Put the pressure on the politicians. This is their job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the buttf----d anonymous commentor- You are hysterical. You had me peeing in my pants. Keep posting on the site because it's better to laugh than to cry about the sorry state of overdeveloped Queens.