Thursday, January 1, 2009

Time for a federal investigation

If Michael Bloomberg is so interested in trimming the city's budget, allow us to kindly suggest one way to save the city $250,008.00 in 2009: Fire Kevin Sheekey immediately. The pit bull deputy mayor, who championed Bloomberg's non-bid for the White House and then counseled his boss against running for a third term (advice his boss ignored, of course), is now on the hot seat for his aggressive efforts to get Caroline Kennedy named as Hillary Clinton's successor in the Senate.

The Last Straw for Kevin Sheekey

While on the city payroll. While they are cutting back on police, fire and sanitation services. I could go on...


Anonymous said...

Love to know what deal they cut with Albany now that Silver has swung behind that joke Kennedy.

Can someone look into this?

Anonymous said...

Boss Tweed must really be smiling down on Mayor Mike. This asshole is using a quarter of a million of our tax dollars to hire a personal lobbyist, and makes no secret of it.

But unlike Tweed, who was eventually undone by a sharp cartoonist, not one of the major papers will print the truth about this pig because he's made deals with them all.

May the blog and the photoshop be the end of this reign of curruption.