Monday, October 1, 2007

Springfield Gardens in the NY Times

An expanse of homes with a note of suburban calm, Springfield Gardens, like some other Queens neighborhoods, has also been the site of feverish development in recent years as investors have gobbled up and demolished single-family houses and replaced them with multiple-family dwellings. Many residents worry that the population increase ushered in by the larger buildings is more than the neighborhood’s infrastructure can accommodate.

Zoned, at Least Partly, to Stay Petite

Furthermore, Progressive Southside wonders if a segment of the neighborhood isn't being gentrified:

Springfield Gardens or Carroll Gardens? $1775 for a 1-BR Rental @ The New Yorker

Here are the luxury apartment buildings being built in the area:

New York Tower Rentals

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

They may look like
".....little boxes made of ticky tacky.....".


And they don't eat up the sky-plane.....
or overburden sewer lines, power grid,
schools, get the picture.....
all the ills of over development

Anonymous said...

yep, I agree. The homes are just the right size for the properties they're on and look nice, as such, both individually and as a group.

Anonymous said...

Springfield Gardens... part of "subprime central" in southeast Queens. That "luxury" development doesn't have a prayer.