Sunday, October 14, 2007

Richmond Hill vs. the LIRR

Local leaders are calling on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to provide better maintenance and security on two of its Richmond Hill properties.

The first property, an empty lot beside Key Food at 87-25 Lefferts Boulevard, is strewn with trash and waste. The gate separating the lot from the roadway remains open twenty-four hours a day, said Waisman, who was able to drive freely through the lot without being stopped or questioned.

LIRR properties in Richmond Hill a mess

The second property that has raised concern, located at 91st Avenue and 127th Street, is a fuel and maintenance center that has not yet gone into operation, said Zambuito. The Courier Sun’s August 8 article reported that the center would begin operations in September, at which time, security measures would be implemented to make the center safe. As September draws to a close, however, the center shows no signs of change.


ken said...

the city spends millions and millions of dollars each year securing the LIRR from potential terrorist attacks by stationing cops all throughout the system and then goes and leaves access to the tracks like these open gateways in Richmond Hill which completely undermine the security measures, sort of like a baseball team forgeting to send someone out on to the field to cover center.

Anonymous said...

If I was a terrorist I'd be going after stuff like Penn Station, Jamaica, Hi profile stuff not something like Richmond hill. People are using possible terrorist plots way too much for personal reasons.