Sunday, October 14, 2007

A matter of maybe

From the Queens Courier:

Hasn’t anyone noticed that the word “maybe” is missing? When the Willets Point Development Committee drew up a list of what they wanted, “maybe” was there. Now the bureaucracy, not geared to work with indecision, has erased it. All that stuff won’t fit! A convention center? Maybe housing, maybe stores, maybe offices, maybe open spaces. Give these ideas to a developer who can submit a plan. Another developer could submit another plan. I’m sure the original plan went this way, “maybe” being prominent.

In addition, maybe someone would realize that more housing is crazy.

Barbara Lanco

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The whole Willets Point project itself
may be one big MAYBE......
along with Flushing's municipal lot #1
and the RKO Keith's!

Take a look at what this week's "Flushing Times"
has to say about them.

According to them
it looks like all of these 3 big deals are floundering
and about to go belly up!