Sunday, October 14, 2007

Novo not nouveau news

Letter to the editor of the Queens Courier:

Thanks for another article about Novo 64. Your reporter, Christina Santucci, should consider using her skills in advertising. I hope Triumph Property Group will be buying many pages in the coming months.I would imagine having 75 percent of the units vacant would be a scary prospect in the present market. I seem to remember in a previous article that they were practically “sold out.”

Your constant touting of restaurants and stores being “just like Manhattan” is an insult to all Queens residents. The reason I live here is that it IS NOT the city. Please, a pretense of separation of editorial and the ad department would make for better reading.

Jason C. Sharpe
Forest Hills


Anonymous said...

gutsy letter, and right on the "money" too.

Anonymous said...

So "Novo" is 75% ?
Wait until round two of the sub-prime collapse.

The tidal wave hasn't crested just yet
on the financial horizon!

It's expected shortly.

Those in the know....
already recognize the warning signs
and have moved their "investments" to higher to Europe etc.

Batten down the hatches folks.....
no more expendable income to use
for your kids' karate or dancing lessons.

Consumer spending
will be stripped to the bare bones.

And income will go to food, clothing and shelter
when the recession finally hits !

There will be a lot more vacancies all over town.....
both residential and commercial.

Any of you developers out there
good at job retraining ? !!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... guess there's not enoough dirty Russian money to support Novo 64...

mazeartist said...

Initially, the Novo64 ads and videos ignored the local community, looking for customers in Manhattan willing to move out here. Now they're advertising in the Bukharian Times.

I'm surprised the Courier printed such a critical letter.

108thStreet said...

Ahh, more dumbski Russkie comments from the ignorant shitbrainski.

Try Israeli money and Uzbek jews. If you must be an ignorant dirtbag, at least get some of the facts straight.

Novo64. What a great idea. Build overpriced units on an old supermarket parking lot, on the absolute edge of the Rego Park border. Map your walk to any train station.

Forest Hills. Your way.

Anonymous said...

This old way of thinking that Manhattan is "the City" and Queens is some suburban area is gone. Queens is an integral part of New York City and you can't expect it to be something other than an urban environment. If you don't want to live in a city, then don't live in Queens.

Anonymous said...

"This old way of thinking that Manhattan is "the City" and Queens is some suburban area is gone."

The fact is that Queens is considered to be a part of the city only with regards to collecting taxes. We don't get services in return.

Anonymous said...

"This old way of thinking that Manhattan is "the City" and Queens is some suburban area is gone...."

Queens is still for the most part a low-rise borough. It ain't the suburbs, but it ain't exactly "the city" either.

Anonymous said...

If Queens were its own "city," it would be the 4th largest city in the country (5th largest if you counted Brooklyn as a stand-alone city.)
Would you rather Queens pay for its own police, fire department, sanitation, etc. with its own tax base? You would really see services fall then.

anonymous said...

Many major cities have outlying areas which are significantly different from their metropolitan "urban" centerpoints.

..etc, etc

All of which have lower density, and lower profile neighborhoods in the outer areas, while still being identified as the city proper.

If you don't like the grey areas that define the outskirts of nearly every major city, then move further into the city. You can call everything urban in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey putz....
if you've run out of boroughs to Manhattan-ize.....
build in another city !

Queens is not the suburbs....
neither is it urban.

It's the best of both that's why I chose to live here.

You're the ones that should be moving.....
and don't let the door hit you in the ass
on your way out !

Anonymous said...

Why should I move, I like what is happening in Queens. I love living in New York City, and the development of Queens is the same thing that has defined NYC for centuries - continuing evolution and growth as one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world. If you want some static suburban environment, you shouldn't live in Queens.

Anonymous said...

If you want urban, leave.
If you want suburban, leave.

If you can accept the fact that it offers both types of living as it was purposely designed for, then welcome.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference "108".....
between arrogant Israeli and low class Uzbeki money
from Russkie dirtski money?

Novo is a low news crap ugly building
with great pretenses!

ihatestupidamericans said...

UR stupi dna jeoulous of the money we got and the cars we got u low scum bastard.... u guyrs are very low class and no matter how hard u work in ur life u will never acheieve have of what we acheived in 15 years of living here putsy