Sunday, October 14, 2007

Silvercup's Suna star struck

Silvercup West will have 1,000 apartments in two high-rise towers and will easily become the biggest production studio on the East Coast. Only Steiner Studio in Brooklyn and Kaufman Studios in Astoria would come close in the City.

Suna may be changing Queens but said he still gets star struck, though not from the Hollywood types he hobnobs with in the halls of Silvercup. “The elected officials are who I think are great to meet,” he said. “Bill Clinton, the mayor; they’re great.”

Silver(cup)’s Gold: LIC Film Studio Enjoying A Boom As It Readies For Exponential Growth

He also loves newspaper publishers who kiss the ground on which he walks.


rexlic said...

Doesn't the construction of Silvercup West depend on the dismantling of the "temporary" power plant erected there a few years back, which if memory serves put Mr. Suna's ambitious plans on hold in the first place? And if the plant is taken down--which we were told it would be--maybe some elected official can explain where Queens, already responsible for generating half of NYC's power (with all the attendant health/environmental problems), is going to get the juice to fuel this project, along with all the other waterfront development? It might be nice, don't you think, to have this answered before more future crapologists emigrate here.

Anonymous said...

We need a city park for Queens. Why doesn't the Metropolitian Waterfront Alliance tell us about these things instead of perhaps getting a bit of funding from the developers?

Hey guys, 'public access' is bull crappie. Just take a look at the fence at Shore Towers.

We need a park.

Anonymous said...

The rumormill said that Silvercup financed a weinie roast at Queensbridge and along with the community baord and E R DEVELOPEMENT fols convinced the folks that its ok for this (of course leaving out that they will be permanently in the shadow, have traffic noise reflected back on them, affordable houseing placed way off site and jobs created (with a broom) will be few a far between and the 40 foot right of way will all but exclude the brothers.

Only Crappie has the truth!

Anonymous said...

In CB1, the community board from hell, the developers call the shots and the people are left in the dark (literally)

Anonymous said...

People have tried to go public with their desire to make this a park and they are undercut by their politicians, their newspapers, and their civic leaders.

The people of western Queens are sold down the river.

Anonymous said...

Everybody I know are very upset once they get the facts. This should be a public park.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the community will be blocked from the waterfront with four 50 story towers. At ground level will be a five story wall that will be the parking garage.

The public is being lied to about the waterfront. They will be cut off.

This will be financed in part by their taxes.

Nice deal, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I heard that Suna is involved with Socrates and might be cutting a deal with Dr Aquisto on Sohmer.

The facts will make you fall off your chair but I will say nothing until the right time.

Anonymous said...

The big sign he want to place will be wasteful in energy.

The rest of Astoria has rotten wiring cause the polictians and Con Ed gave priority to the waterfront to the new projects while letting everying else go to hell.

ken said...

the queens tribune had Silvercup on their cover this week. The studio produces Sex in the City, Cashmere Mafia, and Gossip Girl. Crappy buildings, crappy television shows -- can't anything admirable be constructed in Queens?

Lucio said...

Gossip Girl and Sex in the City... shows about materialistic trust fund yuppies who have nothing better to to than bellyache about their vapid lives. These are perfect examples of the types that are moving here.

Anonymous said...

This project has to be stopped.

This would send a message that throwing around money and buying our birthright is no longer possible.

How do we do this?