Sunday, October 14, 2007

Overpaving = flooding

50-41 65 Street in Woodside. The property with the yellow box on it is the one that was crappified. This was a 2-family frame house, now it's a 3-family brick house.

Wow, 13 complaints in 2 years. And the chief repeating one seems to be "improper drainage." I can't imagine why that would be a concern. Just look at all the lush greenery around the house. You almost don't even notice the gas guzzler in the front yard.


verdi said...

They should have built a sub basement
catch basin/swimming pool.

At least during each torrential downpour.....
the kiddies can put on their bathing suits
and have some fun in their own private water park.

Oh yes......
and a flat roof on the building would have been
a smarter choice......for tar beach sun bathing !

Carol said...

No lawn for children to play - No trees for birds to start a family in - no shrubs, no berries for the birds to eat - No flowers for the bees and butterflies - Just a big gas guzzling phallic symbol parked in the front.

Is this the movie poster for the remake of Soylent Green?

ken said...

that's true. Birds and other city critters are affected by the overabundance of concrete paving too.

Perhaps with some luck the sidewalks will develop cracks, allowing weeds to spring up, which are better than nothing at least.

Carol said...

Ken - you are a clever man. And I would rather see a front of weeds than concrete!

Our wildlife is taken for granted by too many people. One of things we all love about Queens is the beauty of our old trees and shrubs. One of our most beautiful sights is the 150 year old beech tree in Flushing. Every mature tree has a legacy to be proud of - supporting thousands of lives. Developers have destroyed too many.

Speaking of our wildlife, I remember as a child running to the window in the morning to see all the rabbits hopping along the lawn. We'll certainly never see that again.

ken said...

T.Y. Carol, :)

I used to see lots of rabbits by the APEC environmental center on Northern Blvd when I went for walks real early in the morning. There's a small lawn out front where they grazed. Cute little things.