Monday, August 13, 2007

That's one powerful body of water!

It has been a rough eight months for Verdant. Days after the first two turbines were lowered into the water, the East River’s powerful currents sheared off the tips of several blades about a third of the way down.

New blades were ordered, made of a cast aluminum that theoretically would hold up better. They replaced the ones that were broken, and were also installed on four more turbines that were lowered into the river’s eastern channel earlier this year.

East River Fights Bid to Harness Its Currents for Electricity

Together, the turbines were capable of producing about 1,000 kilowatt hours a day of clean electricity. But the East River tides have proved too formidable even for the stronger blades, putting excessive strain on the bolts that hold them to the turbine hubs.

To keep them from coming apart, all six of the 20-foot-tall mechanisms, which resemble ship propellers on masts, have been shut down for repairs and may not be back in operation until November.

Video here: Electricity from the East River


verdi said...

I'm tellin' ya....
in India they get power from methane
generated from cow manure.

Tap the cupola on top of city hall.....
run some copper tubing (like a moonshine still)
to a bunch of generators.....
and we've got an endless supply of a renewable
energy resource!

Anonymous said...

How about generating some power out of the hot air that is produced by the City Council? Especially Charles Barron!