Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Storm cuts Queens rail service

Storm wallops NYC, crippling transit system

Hopefully, congestion pricing will force many more people to experience the hell I went through this morning. Misery loves company!


georgetheatheist said...

C'mon, Crapper..."Get real, just take your SUV to a station that's not flooded."

Queens Crapper said...

George...My SUV is out of commission!

Anonymous said...

What a nice sign on the subway station.

Anonymous said...

The gift wrapping ribbon is nice too.

mamalee said...

left for work at 8:50am

headed to the #7
was told there was a 45 minute to 1 hour wait at my station
go across the street, take the 7 to Q Plaza then take the N to city
did that, station wall to wall people
was told the N and W were not working
then an N train pulls up

My point? More of an observation really:

Rain shuts down public transportation for an entire city, many neighborhoods without power.

So instead of working on the transit system, fixing the electrical grids, let's keeping putting up more builidngs and cramming people in like rats.

Gotta love this city.

Anonymous said...

This city is in such a mode of overbuilding gridlock
that all it takes is a heavy rainfall to cripple it.

If we had attended to our outdated transportation infrastructure, like we were supposed to,
this wouldn't have happened.

There's a cartoon running in this week's "Newsweek".
It pictures Bin Laden talking with some other terrorists .

He says, "We'd better hit the infrastructure soon before it crumbles"!

Sick, but true........
haven't we, in fact, become our own terrorists?

Anonymous said...

Just how many people can you cram into Queens? Developers keep building and the infrastructure can't handle it. Good thing we don't have congestion pricing. The subways and buses are crowded on a normal day.

Anonymous said...

7:50am I was at the #7 train station. waited...waited...waited....
8:45am i decided to leave the platform go have breakfast. 9:05am seeing how the train was still pulling in the station packed, i tried my luck with the bus.
9:45am i went back to get my car. i did get to work around 10:45am.

i love new york!

KG2V said...

6:35 - catch LIRR at Bayside - JUST as water starts to cover the railhead - for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, the 6:35 was the last train to the city

Get to Penn station, walk to the 1,2,3, get told "no service, try the A,C,E" - walk to 8th ave, get told "No service, try the 1,2,3" (Left hand, meet right) - go out the Amtrak exit, and get in the Taxi queue, wait 25 minutes for a $12 cab ride to work.

(if the LIRR Pt Wash branch had been running, I would have gone home)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see any politician comment on this?

Well John Lui was mumbleing something about it being 'unacceptable' for a few seconds on TV. Ok, now what next you jerk? Anything useful beyond yet another tiresome photo op and sound bite?