Tuesday, August 14, 2007

South Asians in Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights is the epicenter of South Asian culture in New York. Along the blocks near the 74th Street- Roosevelt subway station, South Asians shop for the same clothes and music, and eat at the same restaurants.

New York's Indian-American and Pakistani- American communities have more than doubled since 1990. More than 200,000 Indian-Americans and 30,000 Pakistani-Americans now live in New York City, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. The population of immigrants coming from Bangladesh, which gained independence from Pakistan in a nine-month war in 1971, is growing at an even more rapid rate.

South Asians overcoming division in Queens

Despite differences in their heritage and native languages, one place that all the teens flock together is the Eagle Theater in Jackson Heights, which features Hindi-language Bollywood movies with English subtitles.

"You go to a movie theater and there's people from all cultures in there," Belani said. "If anything, Bollywood's most important for bringing everybody together."

Photo from AM-NY


Anonymous said...

Welcome to America. What is happening to our country? I don't think anyone wants to jell with our culture. I wonder what is going to happen to this country in years to come. Glad I am getting old.

Anonymous said...

The pictured "Eagle" theater marquee (formerly the "Earle") is an art deco masterpiece in itself.

The whole theater was designed by John Eberson
in his later art deco/moderne style.

Eberson was better known for his earlier atmospheric style theaters like the Loew's Paradise in the Bronx, the former Valencia theater in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

In the old days, people were encouraged to become main stream 'American'.

The self loathing that we have for traditional values does not encourage these groups to do anything but ... loath us. If a people do not have respect for themselves, no one will have respect for them.


Now here is the nasty thing about those jihad guys: when people are born in a country, it is perfectly acceptable to wage jihad on it for it is now their country, too.

That is why the terrorism threat will grow.


An as 'multiculturalism' is now held in contempt in the UK after those terrorism acts, we will change our opinion only after something happens here.

And sadly, it will again, and again. And when it does, as with the anarchists of a century ago, the door will slam shut and acting 'ethic' will become passe.

Anonymous said...

That's not far from that defunct gay bar
"The magic Touch" where I've been told
that rumor had it......
14 year old Latino boys were available.

And just down the way a piece was (is?) the infamous "Vaseline Alley"!

What a "classy" historic spot.....isn't it ? !!!!

Now it looks like the "land of schmutz & schmattas"!

Anonymous said...

That’s the trade off for a free society who do not defend our culture.

The first sign of resistance, we roll over.

We are more worry on whose going to pitch for the Yankees, than in defending our Rights.