Friday, August 3, 2007


Though the fight over Atlantic Yards has been well covered, many New Yorkers haven’t seemed to grasp the immense scope of the project, which will include seven skyscrapers far taller than the current tallest buildings (by at least 30 stories). Critics, citing the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS Report), contend that, in practical terms, many of the nearby neighborhoods will be in long periods of darkness, with skyscraper shadows stretching as far as the Fort Greene Historic District. Opponents also claim that FEIS proposals for handling game-time traffic surges are woefully inadequate, limited as they are to two road closures, three changes in street directions, and small adjustments for traffic signals.

The Last Residents of 636 Pacific

Photo from The L Magazine


Anonymous said...

Hey, give them a weinie roast. It got the kids from Queensbridge to come to a community board meeting to shout their approval of Suna (silvercup) private waterfront grab (sorry, jobscreationwaterfrontaccessproject)which throws their homes in darkness, increases dirt and traffic in their backyard, reflects noise on to them, and rigged things so they will never live there?

Funny how this is never reported in Queens. What else are the powers that be are hiding from the public (voters and taxpayers that support them?)

planning said...

There are many other
less prominent areas in New York City
that have been red lined for years now,
which have been assigned
by the Dep't of City Planning to absorb
a huge swath of over development !

Is yours one of them ?