Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NY Sun exposes hypocritical Pinky

In a campaign flier from 2001, the Republican council member, Dennis Gallagher, says his parents taught him such values as "to put my family, neighbors and community first; that honesty and hard work are rewarded; that education is the great equalizer in our society. I have never forgotten what my parents taught me and I never will."

A photograph of Mr. Gallagher standing with his wife, Donna, and their two sons appears above the quotation.

Rape Charges a Sharp Contrast To Gallagher's Public Persona

The campaign message and public persona Mr. Gallagher adopted as a council member fly in the face of recent charges that the lawmaker raped and sexually assaulted a 52-year-old woman he met at a neighborhood bar.


Anonymous said...

Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

There was no reason to show a picture of his wife and children. I know most people know who they are, but they are still innocent parties to his action.

The children are hurting enough over what their father did. They do not need to have their picture published to show who they are.

That was uncalled for.

Queens Crapper said...

Who was the first one to publish the photo of his wife and kids? Wasn't it Gallagher himself?

Anonymous said...

That photo is old and the kids don't look like that anymore, which is good for them. I hate when famous people or wanna be pols use their kids to get themselves publicity.

Anonymous said...

The missus is wearing pink and Pinky is wearing that powder blue shirt...I can't take it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Pinky didn't want his family embarrassed, he shouldn't have made them pose for that photo then have sex (consensual or not) with a woman in his office.

Anonymous said...

The Gallagher episode is going to go down
in the annals of NY City Council history
as one of its lowest points.

How did this "august" body NOT KNOW about
the kind of double dealing lump of slime
that was sitting right under their very noses ?

Maybe it's because the character
of many of its other members
are equal to, if not worse, than Gallagher's !

It looks to me as if a cover up
was far more important to the rest of the council
than exposing one of their own !

We need REFORM written into law
that protects citizens from political chicanery
by a governing municipal body
that's been bought and paid for by the
real estate interests of NYC.

Dennis Gallagher repeatedly used
and RAPED his constituents long before
he was indicted for raping an unsuspecting victim!

Speaker Quinn....what have you got to say now?
I think that we've all been "Tweeded" enough!

Queens Crapper said...

Now I've protected the identities of the children.

Anonymous said...

Pinky pissed all over
"those innocent kids"
when he broke his own marriage vows
just as he broke faith with the community!

A deviant drunkard has no place in government!

Taxpayer said...

The more I think about this Gallagher criminal, the more I realize that he's actually innocent of any violation of any laws at all.

Once upon a time he was just an innocent newborn, with no thoughts of anything bad.

The years passed. He took an interest in politics. He crossed paths with the KKK's Imperial Nazi Wizard, the Grandmaster of all Evil Acts, Bob Holden.

Gradually, all innocence oozed from Gallagher, and the Imperial Wizard's blood was secretly transfused into Gallagher's bloodstream (through night-after-night of evil, forced alcohol infusions).

During his more and more frequent alcohol induced blackouts, Gallagher was injected with corruption, lying, womanizing, and hate serums by the Grandmaster and his low-IQ slaves in the "Civic" association that had been founded in the late 1930s for just this modern, evil, monstrous purpose: the complete takeover of an NYC Council District.

Once the takeover of this core district was accomplished, the next goal was the takeover of the city, the state and finally the entire US Government! Then, the planet!

This Grandmaster is entirely controlling, all knowing, powerful and evil. He cannot be resisted by anyone. His plans are more terrifying than even Bin Ladin ever contemplated. (There are rumors that even Bin Ladin is a follower and absolutely obedient minion of the Imperial Wizard Grandmaster! Shhhh!! Never repeat this dangerous thought!!!)

In any event, that innocence and political wisdom and brilliant leadership Gallagher was born with was fighting to be free and become the dominant characteristic in his life.

Gallagher's inner struggle between good and evil was so ferocious that a movie like the Exorcist would seem tame next to his glorious battle.

He was clever. To keep the ever-present, ever-watchful Imperial Wizard fooled, Gallagher would accept bribes from developers, harass women, drink incessantly, harass constituents and ignore their stupid requests for service. This behavior convinced the Grandmaster that Gallagher was in the bag (bagged, so to speak).

But, the utterly evil and controlling Grandmaster began to suspect the disloyal plans of the innocent Gallagher.

So, (and this is the best part - we should all be proud of the thoroughly evil components of what happened) the Imperial Wizard shrank himself to elfin size, ripped off one of his own precious balls, grew a quick mustache, changed into pink panties, and then, disguised as Gallagher, who had been kidnapped and injected with false memory serums, raped a woman very close to Gallagher's home, drinking hole and actually inside the district office of Gallagher. The Imperial Wizard then beat the woman, leaving cuts and bruises on her body.

The Grandmaster then notified his low-IQ obedient slaves to haul Gallagher out of the hideout and plant him back into his own district office with the now-unconscious victim.

Because of the false memory serums, Gallagher actually believed that he did rape this woman.

His loyal friends and lawyers, however, finally convinced Gallagher that he was actually innocent and that he had been super-cleverly "set up" by the brilliant, all-knowing, all powerful Imperial Wizard Grandmaster in step #1 of his and his "civic's" clever plan to take over the planet and forever thereafter require all living beings (except the unleashed dogs) to attend all "civic" meetings.

What audacity! What a plan. So clever. So Simple. So astonishing.

And, we have this victim, Gallagher, who clearly has no control over his own actions, no thoughts of his own, with few friends, entirely at the mercy of the Grandmaster Imperial Wizard, with no power to resist.

We owe Gallagher an unpayable debt of gratitude for exposing this world power grab!

What happened to the ball the Grandmaster ripped from his body? He grew it right back, bigger, better and more virile than ever? Remember, he IS all powerful.

What about his elfin-size and the mustache? Come on! You already forgot he's all powerful? That was just one sentence ago!

The pink panties? In the district office. DNA, you know. Clever? The Grandmaster is just this side of being a madman.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer has a lot of time on his hands.