Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moondance hits the road

The famous Moondance diner left the nation's largest city early Saturday for a tiny Western town, leaving behind not so much as a bent fork or a greasy spoon.

Famous NYC diner heads for new home on the range

A die-hard group of about 20 former patrons and fans waited through a long night of preparations to bid farewell to the 74-year-old Manhattan eatery, said Michael Perlman, a Queens preservationist and diner aficionado. They blew kisses and took photographs as the Moondance began a 2,100-mile trip to LaBarge, Wyo., he said, describing the moment as bittersweet.

"I am really grateful that it has a secure home in Wyoming," Perlman said, "but we're sort of sad that a New York City icon is abandoning us."

Congratulations to the people who saved the diner. It's nice to hear a success story once in awhile!

Photo from Forgotten-NY


Anonymous said...

I fully applaud and appreciate the hard work
of the individuals who "saved" this diner.....
being a lover of diners myself.

But.....what's the point?

It's a very poor altered example
and it's being moved out of the city.

As long as "preservationists"
keep spinning their wheels on petty projects
while all the really great stuff is being demolished
they will continue to be the laughing stock
of the often criticized movement
to save NYC's history.

Sorry for my honest obsrvation.

Anonymous said...

I hear they are selling the Empire State Building next week to a fellow in China

Anonymous said...

That's OK. (even if you're serious)...they can't move it to China.

Everybody bitched about selling Rockefeller Center to the egotistical (I wan't to own an American icon) Japanese years back.

Result.....they got stuck with an expensive restoration bill.
Japan had to eventually sell it back to the Americans because their economy collapsed and they couldn't afford to keep it.

We came out ahead.