Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Is Pinky not responsible for his actions?

Watch Yourselves (printed July 26, Queens Tribune)

To The Editor:

Although I am not a registered Republican, nor do I live in Councilman Gallagher’s district, I have on one occasion requested the Councilman’s help in addressing a problem in the area. His staff responded and quickly addressed the problem. On another occasion, he spoke at Citizens of Maspeth & Elmhurst Together, he listened to the audience, offered some solutions to problems brought up, and later did indeed resolve some pretty complex issues.

He seemed to be available to the community and in general did a good job.

I find it interesting that prior to Gallagher’s position and attempt to bring about a compromise re: St. Saviour’s, he was the fair haired boy of Juniper Park Civic Association. Note - this attempt at a compromise did not sit well with JPCA.

Suddenly, he became the subject of a Department of Investigation probe. Soon after, he was accused of a very immoral, illegal deed. His reputation is irrevocably damaged, his career is in shambles and his family is stressed and disgraced. He has been judged by some very vocal and media-savvy members of the community as guilty.

This is America. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Is it possible that this could be a vendetta perpetrated by angry people who didn’t like Gallagher’s response to the St. Saviour’s issue? Just a thought – be careful with whom you disagree, it can happen to you.

Carol A. Terrano,

Setting It Straight (printed August 2, Queens Tribune)

To The Editor:

In her letter to you last week (“Watch Yourselves,” July 26), Carol Terrano, like many of Councilman Dennis Gallagher’s supporters, got her facts wrong.

The catalyst for the war between Gallagher and JPCA was Gallagher’s March 2006 removal of Tony Nunziato, a tireless neighborhood advocate, from Community Board 5 in a truly pathetic instance of political paranoia.

Regarding St. Saviour’s, Councilman Gallagher had been meeting with developers and lobbyists behind closed doors and then announced a “compromise” plan to build housing around the church. He did so with no input from the group that fought tirelessly to keep the church standing for over a year-and-a-half, and even worse, with no input from those who live adjacent to the property.

As a community board member herself, is Ms. Terrano suggesting that these two abuses of power constitute acceptable behavior for a public servant? Does she also believe that once you honor a person it means you should give them a free pass to do whatever he or she pleases for the rest of his or her life?

According to the NYS Board of Elections, Councilman Gallagher, a Republican, through his own free will, accepted money from indicted Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin, a Democrat, who is alleged to have stolen money from children. That in itself is grounds for a Department of Investigation probe.

Ms. Terrano says she believes in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” yet in her very next statement attempted to defame our entire volunteer civic association by insinuating that we conspired to frame Councilman Gallagher.

Just a thought – could it be that Councilman Gallagher is asking his female supporters to write letters to the editor in order to try to draw attention away from the fact that he, and he alone, is responsible for his actions and their resulting consequences? I believe the concept of “personal responsibility” is a cornerstone of the Republican platform. JPCA predicts that the Gallagher modus operandi of sending out ridiculous letters attacking our organization will be perpetuated throughout coming months.

Christina Wilkinson,
Juniper Park Civic Association


Anonymous said...

"Although I am not a registered Republican, nor do I live in Councilman Gallagher’s district, I have on one occasion requested the Councilman’s help in addressing a problem in the area. His staff responded and quickly addressed the problem. On another occasion, he spoke at Citizens of Maspeth & Elmhurst Together, he listened to the audience, offered some solutions to problems brought up, and later did indeed resolve some pretty complex issues"

Why didn't Carol call on her own councilman for help. Did Pinky abandon his own constituents to help out other districts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, pa-lese. The glassy eyed drooling slack jaw behavior by certain (mostly) elderly seniors every time a politician walks in the room is one of the reasons that Queens gets such a bad rap.

You act like you have a crush on your teacher.

He is a common political hack, for Christsakes, from a long line of politicians that have brought shame and disgrace to Queens for decades.

What he did to St Saviours makes your boro a laughing stock, lady.

The real shame is you a too stupid to even know that people are laughing at you for writing something like this. You should be angry at those who set you up to write something like this drivel.

Julie said...

That's a good question considering how touchy the pink monster gets whenever Avella visits his area!

Giuseppe Franco said...

How come she's so vague about the issues Gallagher helped with? Sounds like a load of crap from a Pinky punk.

Anonymous said...

How many female interns did Gallagher take into that back room in his office to "resolve some pretty complex issues"??

Anonymous said...

He doesn't just use the back room, he likes to enter through their "back door."

Anonymous said...

I really hope Pinky goes to court with the "JPCA framed me" defense. the judge and jury will eat that up...and then spit him out!

Anonymous said...

"She fell down the stairs and got the bruises"
"She sleeps around"
"She got upset when she found out he only wanted a one-night stand"
"She's looking for a lawsuit"
"She got hit by a police car"
"Her husband found out she cheated on him and beat her up"
"JPCA framed Gallagher"

When will the pathetic lies end?

Anonymous said...

Carol, next time call on the Doorman to solve your woes. At least if he decides to come down out of his highrise to help you, he'll likely be sober.. not like Dennis Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Christina: Get off your high horse and get a job.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Carol call on her own councilman for help. Did Pinky abandon his own constituents to help out other districts.

You mean like Avella does to help the JPCA?

Anonymous said...

JPCA has got itself an effective and intelligent spokesperson. They should make Christina their commander and chief...unless she'd be willing to defect to a civic association out here in the boondocks of eastern Queens.

Anonymous said...

The Doorman will be accompanied by Team Gioia selling hot dogs at Water Taxi Beech.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Terrano....thank you for the "media savvy" compliment.

I suspect (respectfully).....possessing a Sicilian name (Am I correct in this?) you are thoroughly familiar with the guidelines of "vendetta"....
none of which were remotely employed or directed against Councilman Gallagher.

Let's get the facts straight here:

IT WAS THE NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF INVESTIGATION (DOI) that conducted the investigation and a GRAND JURY that handed down the indictment for the violent crime that
C.M. Gallagher allegedly perpetrated against his victim (and others...who have apparently come forward since) NOT A CIVIC ASSOCIATION !

Using a taxpayer funded district office
like a whore house is not to be tolerated!

Gallagher damaged his own career.
He made his own bed, now let him lie in it!
Thank the Lord we've all seen the last of him.

I wish that the same could be said for you
and some of the other community board phonies who pretend to be executing the will of the community residents!

You are the one who has been conducting a Salem witch hunt against a most dutiful civic association!

Jennifer said...

"Anonymous said... Christina: Get off your high horse and get a job."

So because someone rebuts an inaccurate statement she is insulted?

The facts are the facts. It seems pretty well know around town that Mr. Gallagher was a womanizer, among other things. And the indictment backs that up. I don’t think the grand jury would indict if there wasn’t substantial evidence.

So, my question to all those who support Gallagher: what if it was your mother, wife or sister on the receiving end of his abuse, how would you feel?

Anonymous said...

You can make fun of her statement, but I've heard a few people with the theory that the JPCA set Gallagher up due to the ongoing feud. I think the JPCA should just sit back and watch Gallagher self destruct. He doesn't appear to need any help. Tony Nunziato seems to be the only one with the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone be more of a dope than this Terrano chick?

Are you kidding me?

She is defending a rapist?

She is defending a rapist who beat up a grandmother in a taxpayers office?

She is defending the neigborhood drunk?

She is defending a low life who takes money under the table?

She is defending a porn distributor?

She is defending a person who commits sexual harrasment every day?

She is defending the person responsible for putting crooks on the CB5 board and removing real, hard working community people like Tony?

Are you kidding me! Is she that stupid? Can someone be that dumb?

I call her Terrano, not Ms., because she doesn't deserve it. She's another puppet for the Pinky camp who isn't smarter enough to run for cover like the rest of the cockroaches.

Oh, and let's not forget that the Civic did this. What power......what a total moron you are Terrano!

Pinky the drunken rapist did this to himself.

This is only the beggining, DOI is right around the corner with a handful of criminal stuff for Pinky.

Wil Terrano be cleaning his behind when Bubba is done sending it in?

Anonymous said...

People in this community are well aware that the civic is for our best interests and that Gallagher is a crook.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher continues to a complete fool.

Why? He continues to try to put his spin on the mess he created.

His concentration of his troubles are in the wrong place.

Let him continue to attack the civic. He can do it from jail in about 9 months!

Kepp up the good work people. You do it for free and you are not crooks.

God Bless the JPCA!

Anonymous said...

This guy Gallagher is really stupid.

Does he really think he's getting out of this? He's facing 15 years in prison and he continues to attack a civic!

A civic who has fought every inch for this community, A civic who were the ones out in front on so many issues, not Gallagher.
A civic who fought a Home Depot, a potential sludge plant, ripping up Eliot Ave., a homeless shelter, Cross Harbor, graffiti, more cops, better cop response time, over development, protection of Juniper Park, truck traffic concerns, sanitation issues, dog issues in a public park....should I go on?

What a drunken moron he is!

Anonymous said...

We are sitting back. With BIG SMILES on our faces.

This is normal day to day protection of our community.

AND if a bum has to go, we'll see to it that he goes!

No one is bigger than life itself or a community..........not even the drunken abusing rapist!

Now I'll sit back for 10 minutes!

Anonymous said...

The civic will be a little pimp-le (no pun intended) on that pink ass after the DOI steps in.

Anonymous said...

Christina is a rising star and we are proud to have her supporting our community.

On the other hand, Gallagher is a crook who we pay $117k a year to rape our community in more ways than one.

Like night and day, that's the difference between these two individuals.

Anonymous said...

People like Christina make drunken rapist crooks uncomfortable!

Why is that? Could it be the exposure?

Anonymous said...

Pinky's opening statement.

Mr. and Mrs. Jury, the JPCA made me rape and abuse this grandmother when I was in a drunken rage.

They made me drink.

I want my Maypo!

Anonymous said...

Mess with "We the People", the protectors of this community and you will get crushed.....even if you are a midget in body and soul!

Is that right Pinky?

Anonymous said...

I think an imbecile is worse than a moron.

For the guy who sold this community way short, who raped us, got drunk on our time,who didn't have our best interests at heart..

Pinky your an imbecile!

Anonymous said...

Dear Councilman -

I have a bachlor party coming up,can I use that famous backroom?

Thank you in advance for being of service (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Imbecile vs. Moron -

I agree. However, can
I add a word?

You left out the word CROOKED imbecile when speaking of our "beloved" Councilman Gallagher.

Taxpayer said...

This Terrano Community Board Member is a pathetic sad sack.

What assistance did she get from the rapist of our community?

What did she find inadequate about Gioia that she turned to Pinky?

Is this how she represents her community as a Community Board member? By bringing her CB into disrepute? (Or, more disrepute?)

What is the explanation for the craven, lickspittle defense of this rapist? Does Terrano actually believe that the rapist will appreciate the favor by rewarding her?

Instead, he is snickering at her weak stupidity! He and his drunken hangers-on (the very few who remain) are laughing at her as much as the decent citizens who comprehend the seriousness of the rapist's behavior.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gallagher's actions were his own. The truth will come out as to what happened in that office. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. To assume that the JPCA had anything to do with this matter is insane. The JPCA has been fighting for the community for years and have come up against bigger obstacles than Mr. Gallagher. While it is true that the Association and Mr. Gallagher didn't always see eye to eye, I find it hard to believe that anyone would suspect the JPCA of a "set-up."

Anonymous said...

Christina for city council!!

You saw it here first!