Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here comes the judge

By the last year of his term, in 2011, Brown will surpass the longevity of the current recordholder, Benjamin Downing, who served from 1865-1883 before being ousted by then-New York Gov. Grover Cleveland.

'The Judge' nearing record

The second-longest serving district attorney, Charles Sullivan, served from 1935-1951.

Even now, the Brooklyn-born top prosecutor keeps an exhausting schedule, rising at 6 a.m. and returning home at 11:30 p.m. or midnight, he said.

He is renowned for his frequent appearances at crime scenes at all hours - supporting those he works with by showing that no job is too small for his attention.

His next goal? To outlast Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, 88, with whom he shares a good-natured rivalry over Morgenthau's 33-year tenure in office.


elevator shoes said...

The longer Brown serves....
the more he hopes to grow in stature....if not in height!

Anonymous said...

"Duck-down Brown" as he is known by insiders proves that holding public office in Queens can still be an honorable vocation if you put the public first.

He has my vote.

brown shines said...

DA Brown is a true pro, nice job with the Dennis Gallagher indictment.

Taxpayer said...

Want to see an honest elected official? Someone with integrity and competence? Someone who plows through each day's work getting the job done?

Want to see a rare elected official who has figured out what the job requires to improve our lives in the community? An elected official who has the skills and experience to be earning ten to 100 times his DA's salary in private or corporate practice (or, as a defense attorney)? Someone who is not on the take to turn away from the tough decisions?

Just take a look at Queens DA Richard Brown.

Honest elected officials are possible. Look for them; demand them, and then cherish them when you find them.