Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Glendale before and after

Before: home to the Yale Republican Club, which replaced a volunteer fire department
After: a piece of Queens Crap.

Address: 74-01 Cypress Hills Street


Julie said...

This pretty much drives home the point about why preservation is important.

Anonymous said...

This looks so shoddy and cheap. The owner should be embarrassed.

faster340 said...

Oh wait look, they have their nice Mercedes convertible parked out front next to the garbage.

I guess their car is more important than the craphole they are living in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's Pinky's hideout.

Anonymous said...

What ever happens to all those headless chickens, the official preservation groups that run around the boro making lists to submit to the offical bodies.

The morons don't even scrape the surface.

What about some sort of public education program enlightening the public on historic buildings?

Or do you need a certain income and live in a certain neighborhood to even hear about this stuff?

The preservation community is seeking to EXCLUDE with their secret little lists, rather than to INCLUDE by embracing the public's needs.

Anonymous said...

When they put out those sacks of trash by the curb they should've put out their whole crappy house too.