Monday, August 13, 2007

A bright idea

NYC & Company is teaming up with Con Edison and General Electric to distribute a coupon for $1-off your next CFL purchase in your electric bill. The coupons will be good for GE Emergy Smart bulbs, and will be included in your August Con Ed bill.

Cheaper Bulbs, Courtesy Of NYC

Photo from NY Press


Taxpayer said...

What dim bulb dreamed up this moronic fraud?

powerless taxpayer said...

This is Con Ed's stop gap placebo measure
in lieu of maintaining an adequate power grid.

The quality of light emitted by some of those "energy saving" bulbs is ghastly.....cold blue or freakish yellow!

I'll use some oil lamps if I have to save some money and ease power my consumption.

Hey....let's all go back to gaslight!

Anonymous said...

Just look at the shape of that bulb.
Is Con Ed telling us to go screw ourselves? !!!

Anonymous said...

"oil lamps," good idea, hee hee.

mazeartist said...

I hope that these energy saving bulbs come with directions on where an how to properly dispose of them. otherwise, they too will end up polluting our landfills. These bulbs can cause more harm in a landfill than ordinary bulbs.

georgetheatheist said...

I DESPISE fluorescent lighting!

Long live Tungsten!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate flourescent fixtures, too, maybe because I associate schools with them. Breaking the bulbs on the ground though is rather fun. They make loud popping sounds. Try it out and see for yourself.

georgetheatheist said...

There is a bigger issue at play here - the legitimacy of the "green" movement.

In 1996, John Tierney wrote a contentious article in the NYTimes Magazine in which he stated that "recycling is garbage...mandatory recycling programs offer mainly short-term benefits to a few groups - politicians, public relations consultants, environmental organizations and waste handling corporations."

He wrote, among other things that there is LESS energy consumed in the manufacture of a styrofoam cup than in the manufacture of a ceramic one which uses even more energy when it is washed over and over again. You just throw the styrofoam cup away! There is an abundance of landfill available on the planet. By the year 3000, the garbage that is discarded today amongst the world's population will consist of an area of only 35 square miles. And most of this will have grass growing on it by then.

Needless to say, the article caused a storm of controversy.

NYC abandoned recycling of plastics and metal a few years ago citing excessive costs involved. [You all remember that, right?] It was re-instituted when Bloomberg said that now the cost factors had been turned around with new technology and managerial procedures.

Is there now a benefit in recycling? OR IS IT JUST A "FEEL-GOOD MEASURE" foisted on the citizenry?

Are these "green" lightbulbs, in a similar manner, really beneficial. Is this GREEN PROPAGANDA?

Alan said...

Here is an article about the "green" bulbs written by a friend in California:

Anonymous said...

Fluorescent lighting is big in the Far East for some reason.

Agree with George, do not like it. Yuck!