Monday, July 16, 2007

Thumbs up from the Crapper

The to-do list for interns in City Council Member Gale Brewer's Upper West Side office is long: repaint all defaced mailboxes, investigate a housing program, compile a list of every nonprofit in the area, study local public transportation, and wade through an ever-growing pool of complaints from residents in the district, to name a few.

City Lawmaker's Intern Army Gets Things Done

Unlike other council members, who tend to snap up a handful of interns to help out during the summer, Ms. Brewer prefers to amass a small army to tend to her district's needs. This summer more than 30 interns are expected to join her six-person staff.

Now here's a lawmaker who's doing something smart and actually looking out for her constituency. Unfortunately, she doesn't represent Queens.

Imagine how different Queens would be if our council members had interns painting over graffiti and addressing taxpayer complaints instead of writing garbage newsletters about how great they are.

Photo from NY Sun


Anonymous said...

Because Queens is increasingly being written off as a place of passive brain dead people.

How do we examine Queens today? As to culture, Vicky of the Courier, as to newspapers, Roger of the Queens Ledge, and to politics,
Gary and the clubhouse, so what to you want?

It is a big problem when we are written off. Folks from Queens to a boat trip up Newtown Creek, no one notices, a group in Brooklyn, it gets written up in the Times, a bird gets a rock thrown at it in Manhattan, and the entire cultural elite gets knot in their underwear, cut down a natural wildlife sanctuary in Maspeth, and you get the entire f*kin' cultural elite of the city turning their backs.

There is going to be hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

Because in Queens we have low expections of everything, our politicians, our newspapers, and sadly, even our selves.

Remember, when you said its ok to be nunber 2, you are saying its ok to be shit.

Anonymous said...

Too Queens we get low life council members like Liu and Gallagher !

One does nothing for his district but grab photo ops outside his district!

The other approves the spiteful chain saw massacre of old mature trees on the St. Saviour's site (without proper permits) while the branches are still laden with living green leaves !

Foul in Flushing said...

the newspapers in queens are on autopilot, no passion for journalism, no sense of what's right and no sense for news.

It's sad to say that cronyism and political patronage rule in Queens.

Gail force windbag said...

At least Brewer, the dumbest city councilmember on the planet, had sense enough to hire some good interns.