Monday, July 16, 2007

Hevesi documents disappeared

Investigators probing possible illegal pension fund activities during disgraced state Comptroller Alan Hevesi's tenure are being hampered by the disappearance of "volumes" of sensitive documents, The Post has learned.


The disappearance of the documents - which could point the finger at politically connected individuals who received the investment fees - has hampered ongoing investigations of the Hevesi scandal being conducted by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Albany County District Attorney David Soares, who has convened a special grand jury.

Photo from NY Post


Connie said...

Stop fooling around with this guy. Put his ass in jail and lets sit and have a chat with his wife.

Hevesi Ho said...

This story stinks to high heaven. It's amazing how politicians routinely act so arrogantly and have this sense of entitlement. They really believe that they are above the law.

Hevesi should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It would go a long way to deter such behavior by policians if he goes to jail.

From what I read it appears that his Assemblyman son might also be in for a rough time. That might be poetic justice since he didn't get elected based on talent. He used his father's name, his father's connections and possibly dirty money to get where he is.

Anonymous said...

I guess the dog ate the documents !

This crime ring is sure to be revealed and make the old Manes PVB scandal look like petty theft !

Taxpayer said...

Spitzer knows where the documents are. That was part of the deal for him to drop opposition to DiNapoli.

Check Silver, too! Melinda-san, what were you told on the pillow?

knish king said...

Ask the babysitter. Melinda
started off watching the siblings,
then she watched his seedlings.
canoodle, canoodle, canoodle,
fooling with a married man, you
must be a half baked strudel.

Anonymous said...

Time to see that canoodler Melinda Katz pulled into the dragnet !

"Her talents lie between her thighs"! (A line attributed to the late W.C. Fields....I believe) !

deep throat said...

The missing files: start looking in the space between Katz's and Andy's offices.

connie said...

Stolen documents.... cover-ups.... corruption. The guy is a PIG.

He’s also a political whore: Over the years Al has taken campaign money from the building industry, bank scammers ($1,000.00 from Lung Fong Chen) and brothel landlords ($9,000.00 from Peter Ko).

Are we shocked at the news of missing files? Shades of the 1986 PVB scandal, indeed! Speaking of 1986, it was BIG AL who gave the eulogy at Manes' funeral.

Anonymous said...

These pigs ought to be made into sausage and fed to starving jackals !

Anonymous said...

Na.....just cut off their manhood and stuff it in their old Mafia form of they can't spawn any more crooks !

Yech....sorry folks.....I got carried away !