Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crap contrast in North Flushing

Note this monstrosity of a 11 century, Choson Dynasty, Buddhist Monastic temple on Bayside Ave (near Parsons Blvd) amid 19th and 20th century Dutch Colonial and early Tudor style homes in northern Flushing.

Architecturally unique yet in contrast to the Fitzgerald-Ginsberg Tudor Mansion (just across the street) the temple qualifies for a mention as just more of QUEENS CRAP and out of place with this neighborhood. Parking? No problem. In April 2007 Pastor Kim, the new owner of the Fitzgerald-Ginsberg estate removed 7 of 12 large antebellum trees from his property to accommodate the parking needs of his flock and the flock of this temple. Enough already! Does the Department of Buildings know that monastic temples are pieced together with logs and without nails for quick dismantling? I'd really check those building codes again and if the owner has been to a shrink lately.

- Your Civil Defense


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Councilman John Liu's neighborhood !

This "avid" preservationist can't even control out of context development in his own backyard !

This merely echoes his total ineffectiveness !

Anonymous said...

And CB#7's formidable Chuck Appelian lives right across the street from it!

Apparently nobody's got any "juice" any more !

Anonymous said...

I love this structure......relocate it !

This once lovely and prestigious area is becoming "church" row !

When a prime neighborhood starts going sour.....it's time to move !

Anonymous said...

Historically significant structures and neighborhood preservation mean nothing to the newly arrived, nouveau riche. They are colonizers. They need land and lots of it. The structures, whether historic or not, only get in the way. It's the land they want.

Anonymous said...

I think we have seen enough. At this point the power that be will do nothing.

Tweeding is paramount. If the borough goes to hell in the process, then .... what .... are .... you .... going .... to .... about .... it?

Anonymous said...

The traditional architecture of religious institutions should not be altered by the single-mindedness of others who aren't even neighbors. I suppose they should make their temple look like a church? I'm not even Asian, and this post's whole tone reeks of bigotry. Dirty foreigners moving in.

Anonymous said...

I think the woodworking looks very nice in the picture. I'm not sure if the location is right for this building, but the structure itself does not look like crap. What "historically significant" structure did this replace? The other buildings in the first picture look like boring, vinyl-sided boxes. I thought that America was supposed to be open to different cultures, but I guess not on this block in Flushing.

Connie said...

"I'm not even Asian, and this post's whole tone reeks of bigotry. Dirty foreigners moving in."

You may, or may not be Asian, I don't care. I don't care if you are a neighbor to any of these properties or not.

It is your tone that reeks of bigotry. Not one of the other people who posted a comment mentioned and particular ethnic group. You were the only one.

People have the right to their opinions, to disagree and to express themselves.

My guess is that you will fall all over yourself being a liberal whose politically correct. And that is your right.

God Bless America!

Anonymous said...

This blog "reeks" of telling the truth !

If you can't take the heat "anonymous #6" then you can just go LOG OFF !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey....when a building is out of context.....it's out of place no matter how beautiful it is .

I personally think that the Guggenheim Museum is out of place crammed in on 5th Ave.
It needs more land around it to breathe ! Ditto for the Bayside Ave. temple !

Does that make me anti Asian "anonymous #6 & 7" ? !!!

Stop trying to pull our legs !

Anonymous said...

I have a low crap threshold. This is not crap. It is a religious structure in a predominantly Asian neighborhood. What do you want a Buddhist temple to look like?

Now disregard for parking is another story entirely.

Anonymous said...

I live a few blocks from the temple and think it is a worthy addition to the community. It is a beautiful building and I agree it is out of character with the others on the block because it is better looking.

Anonymous said...

Hey "low crap thresh hold".....you're ignorance is obvious when it comes to your knowledge of local demographics.

The current ethnic population of the Downtown Flushing area indicates i.e. that the Latino and Asian make up of the area is about the same....separated by about a 4% to 6% difference !

This is not an exclusively Asian neighborhood !

That building,, by the way, is beautiful but needs more land around it !

Now I'm going to suggest something that's not going to win me any friends (I suspect).
If the structures to the left and right of the temple were to be removed (hypothetically) it would sit better on the landscape.....wouldn't it ?

Anonymous said...

2 large Catholic churches , a Mosque, an older Synagogue, a huge Salvation Army facility, a large Presbyterian Church, a towering nursing home , a myriad of medical clinics, smaller religious sect headquarters, etc. etc. etc. all within this rather small geographic area !

This is no longer the prime residential neighborhood it used to be !

It has been over-run by community facilities !

Get the best price you can for your home and move further East as I did 25 years ago.....or you'll become the classic sad old lone holdout !

Anonymous said...

......Or....you can choose to stay in your home and convert it into a "church" etc. and get off the NYC real estate tax rolls !

On second thought.....that sounds to me like a better idea !

Anonymous said...

Holy s$%t that is so out of place.

Anonymous said...

I was told, when I was first house hunting over 35 years ago.... in a phone call to a city planning representative (who shall remain nameless).... to buy a house East of 155th Street and North of Northern Blv'd and no further than 170th Street !

This area was red-lined for over development in the back rooms of government well over 3 decades ago !

It has now all come to fruition !

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the native americans thought, when we came in and built houses over their teepee's?

cherokeesista said...

If you believe they are all REAL CHURCHES OR TEMPLES don't kid yourself these places are MONEY MAKING MACHINES!!!

cherokeesista said...

In response to what my people thought, mmm they weren't to damn happy!!! But that time has passed and as a decendent of my people I WILL NOT WATCH IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!! We as Americans must not let anymore outsiders in with the only agenda that is to destroy us!!!