Friday, July 13, 2007

Queens Crap Alley

Here's the type of develop- ment that really sucks the soul out of a community. The offending properties are 61-31, 61-33, 61-37 and 61-39 56th Road in Maspeth. See the tiny house to the left. There's a similar one on the right. Both dwarfed by a giant piece of attached crap that was plunked down between them.
Two saltbox style homes were demolished to make way for these. Much of the block leading up to Holy Cross Church not too long ago was no higher than one story. This is part of the area that city planning has stalled in rezoning. You've made many developers very happy, John Young.


Taxpayer said...

Who but Commissar Bloomberg would permit this Stalinist garbage be used to destroy a residential neighborhood?

As Commissar, he's entirely responsible for every action or inaction of his appointees and subordinates.

The rezoning is delayed?


Why does the Commissar want no rezoning? Is it the money he gets from kickbacks? Is it the simple hatred he has for Little People who are victims of his greed? Is it just simple inability to manage responsibly? Is it his stupidity?

Anonymous said...

It's always the same old story with City Planning's John Young , their chief wimp and go-fer.

He'll tap dance to any music that his bosses are spinning on the turntable!

In this case, it's to be the " Let's Mangle Maspeth Mazurka" !

By stalling down zoning, the city encourages blockbusting (with the building of monstrosities like these pictured here) thus eroding a neighborhood beyond repair and eliminates the original need for curtailing out of context development in the first place !

Thank you all you porkers at the Dept. of City Plotting !!!

Anonymous said...

Any new development should be of a size and scale suitable to the neighborhood, but those existing homes look old and dumpy. There has to be a middle ground where newer, bigger, better houses replace older ones without going too far.

Anonymous said...

Hey no problem, city planning was busy with the yo yos in CB1, as Dutch Kills, as they took the bait to sell out and demolish their neighborhood.

Hey isn't Dutch Kills Civic part of QCC? So where they hell was QCC in educationg them? Oh thats, right, pushing development out of their back yard into LIC. Well maybe QCC should start to call themselves Eastern QCC.

Anonymous said...

I like when every's darling Avella talks about development. He said it should not go into certain areas to protect their character (of couse meaning its ok to dump on other areas)


Anonymous said...

Someone should remind Young that it is our taxes that are paying his salary (so he can serve the developers) and not providing services that we really need.

Do we need more people and buildings?

Or do we need more cops, school desks, and garbage pickups?

Anonymous said...

I don't see any fedders....

Anonymous said...

this has also happened on 56th drive
the owners of the property (who lived in masepth/mv all their lives and own a party business on horace harding) sold their home to a developer who put two 3 unit homes on it - now it is filled with section 8 undersirables
dont they have to bare any resonsibility for the overdevelopment of our community?