Thursday, July 12, 2007

Former boss confirms that Pinky sold porn

While Mr. Gallagher worked for him, Mr. Ognibene was investigated amid allegations that he had accepted gifts from a building industry consultant. During that investigation, prosecutors also reviewed the work of a company partly run by Mr. Gallagher that sold collectibles on the Internet out of the fourth floor of a local parochial school. Part of the business was the sale of magazines including Playboy and Penthouse, which were wrapped in plastic and intended only as collectibles, Mr. Ognibene said at the time.

Councilman Takes DNA Test in Rape Inquiry

The space was rented to the company to help keep the school financially afloat, and the school forced out Mr. Gallagher’s company once it learned about the sale of the magazines, officials said. No charges were brought against Mr. Ognibene or Mr. Gallagher as a result of that investigation.


Taxpayer said...

“I’ve known this man for 15 years,” said City Councilman James S. Oddo of Staten Island, the Republican leader of the Council. “I know him to be a council member who is involved in the minutiae of every issue in his district. Very active, very engaged, very responsive. And I think that’s the reputation he has in the district.”

James Oddo, a demonstrated opponent of free speech, has now demonstrated his own unfittness for any office by exhibiting a total lack of judgement.

In his 15 years of "knowing" Gallagher, Oddo never was slobbering drunk with Gallagher, with both harassing women in bars in Queens?

Hmmmmm? Oddo? Just another part time slacker!

jeremy said...

Oh come on... Playboy and Penthouse? Jeez, it's not like he was selling the latest ish of Splayed Haunches Quarterly...

Give the Pinkster a break.

Anonymous said...

Playboy and Penthouse is PORN, buddy. Maybe you don't see it as offensive, but it degrades women. Which goes along with what Pinky allegedly did to the woman in his office.

mazeartist said...

Another Republican porn scandal! Unbelievable!

rob said...


You won't win trying to find a balanced argument on this blog. There's no "innocent till proven guilty" rules here. The posters here are going to lump what Gallagher did with his company (selling wrapped, past issues of adult magazines) in with the rest of the porn industry.

And taxpayer's comment that Oddo's support of a colleague means that he's now unfit for office is just as over the top.

But, they'll never admit to being blind about these things. That's what happens when the cloak of anonymity encourages posters to type things they'd never state in public.

Christina Wilkinson said...

I have no problem stating it in public. In fact I stated something more controversial than this last night. Dennis Gallagher sold porn out of Christ the King. Playboy and Hustler are classified as PORN. But I guess you guys just read it for the articles.

James Oddo is well aware of Dennis Gallagher's history, yet defends him. Even more laughable is Vallone's defense of him, considering, a) his affiliation with a different party, and b) he must realize that his father investigated Gallagher and Ognibene when he was the Speaker of the City Council. He must have heard the Lattanzio tapes. Yet he still calls Gallagher "ethical". How did he manage to do that with a straight face?

Anonymous said...

When I served in Iraq, we were not allowed to receive material that was pornographic. Maxim was considered to be a "men's magazine", but Playboy was defined as porn. If it's categorized as porn by the U.S. Army, then that's a good enough definition for me.

Anonymous said...

that line about gallagher being "known for dominating people" is priceless. so he is a rapist b/c he has issues w/the head of a civic association? that is biased even for the nyt.

Jennifer said...

Jeremy & Rob: So are you saying that selling magazines that display numerous pictures of naked women out of a school that children attend is ok?

Whether it's considered mild or hard core - no one should be selling pornographic material from a school.

Queens Crapper said...

Don't understand the objection to the line. The paper was asking for character references. They got several council members to say Gallagher is great and then quoted a civic leader who doesn't like him. I would say it's a pretty balanced report.

Anonymous said...

Very odd how everyone in Queens knows Dennis always had porn on the computers in the council office and in the republican county office with all volunteers knowledge and staff of Ognibene and Maltese. Tom and Dennis were a good porn team.The closest staff people all knew but won't lose their salaries to admit.


This was posted on Queens Crap on Thursday, April 19, 2007...

• Dennis P. Gallagher keeps paying off a staff member he’s been abusing, she should leave immediately since she is basically a good person and you hate to see her caught up in this.

• So many people have seen his illegal and immoral activities and many will give him up in a heartbeat.

• He keeps telling them that nothing will happen except it is already too late. Look at him, he’s a walking barometer of deceit. The more pink he gets the more lying he's doing.

• His office has been used for everything, so much so, even Bubba would be jealous. Shockingly, the guy shits where he eats.

• His old boss still calls him Duplicitous Dennis. “When you have been lying your entire life it becomes like breathing.” "He always underestimates the intelligence of his friends and enemies." “He loses track of his lies and when he gets caught he adamantly questions your memory and denies everything.”

• He is a good con artist to the gullible. His "friends" eventually become his victims. The extremely dumb ones catch on very late. This is evident by the people who are still with him.

• Yes there is a God. Gallagher has already been punished for his reckless life. His maladies are so extensive that it would take too much space on this blog to list.

• Sadly, there's more but the pure evil of this man is giving me the chills.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Now the rape charge.



binge drinking said...

I live in Maspeth and many of us witnessed Dennis Gallagher on at least a 4 day drinking binge at several area bars starting Thursday night and ending on Sunday.

He got so drunk he staggered out of many of the places in Maspeth and Middle Village.

neighbor 64th road said...

Multiple Choice Quiz:

Councilman Dennis Gallagher can best be described as:
A. corrupt
B. dishonest
C. a liar
D. a philanderer
E. a certified sexual predator
F. all of the above

The first person with right answer will win a front row seat to Gallagher's trial.

Anonymous said...

It's always the"finest" like the Vallones , the Oddos, etc. (quick to "Pinky's" defense) that are just waiting in the wings until someday , perhaps, they might be caught with their political pants down and are exposed for the trash that they really are !

Maybe it's time for the city to administer an enema to some its council members !

Wadda ya say Ms. about it huh ? !!!

verdi said...

Most perpetrators of deviant crimes are " know" by family members or neighbors for years !!!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it with whatever else you've got in there.....C.M. Vallone, Oddo and Speaker Quinn !!!

Anonymous said...

"Don't understand the objection to the line."

rape is an act of domination- the individual questioned says pinky's always been known to dominate people. ergo, by the nyt's logic, he's a rapist! i'm not saying he's guilty or not, but the report is skewed.

Queens Crapper said...

"ergo, by the nyt's logic, he's a rapist!"

They quoted someone who lives in his district. That wasn't an editorial.

Truman Harris of MVICA said...

Dennisman Gallagher, is a hero, he goes the extra mile to help pornographers and drug dealers.

How many did you put on the community board, Dennis?