Friday, July 13, 2007

Elmhurst Library, Wych Elm in the Daily News

Lots of threatened spaces in Queens this summer:

An Elmhurst library built with Andrew Carnegie's funds and a Flushing grove filled with exotic plants top Queens preservationists' must-save list for the summer.

Library, rare trees facing final chapter

Demolition crews plan to wreck the 101-year-old library next fall and city workers recently rumbled a truck into historic Kissena Grove, leaving residents worried about the roots of rare trees there.

Tree lovers warn city not to down elm

"This tree is part of our Flushing family, like all of us are," Liu said to a score of tree-hugging locals at a press conference Monday underneath the shade of the wych elm. "We want to see that nothing happens to this tree."

More on the Elm:

Flushing residents urge city to save old elm tree

City, Save This Tree Flushing Residents Ask

Rally For 100-Year-Old Elm Tree

Photo from Forgotten NY


Anonymous said...

The wholesale destruction of Queens moves forward, with no comment from our elected officials, the newspapers, QCC or any of the Mnahattan-centric preservation groups.

Its a God damn shame that our entire leadership has sold us down the river. A God damn shame.

Anonymous said...

No, wait a minute. Any people after repeated abuse, will rise up in anger.

Maybe this is what we need to rid ourselves of the political crap that has run what was once a fine place, our borough of Queens, into the ground.

Let them drop matches. Sooner or later those knuckleheads will start a fire they can't stop.