Saturday, July 14, 2007

Columbia backs off eminent domain threat

Columbia University announced today that it will not seek to take over people’s homes through eminent domain, a huge step in addressing one of the most controversial aspects of its expansion into West Harlem.

Columbia Renounces (Some) Eminent Domain

Map from Columbia University


who walk in brooklyn said...

well... that's "mighty white" as they say for Columbia to be so generous of spirit here. Q: will they also offer jobs to those who own & work in the WORKING businesses they want to condemn?

the imperialist expansion of both Columbia & NYU is one of the worst things among the many reasons so much of Manhattan is such a drag. even if they do add a little bit-- esp. Columbia, via WKCR, Miller Theater, etc-- "culturally," the waves upon waves upon waves of mostly RICH KIDS is... great for landlords, & disaster for the rest of us.

STOP EMINENT DOMAIN ABUSE, ** PERIOD **. private property is private property, & Columbia is NOT a public school (to say the least).


Anonymous said... looks like there's still some real old time 60/70s style "Black Power" still left around!

Those "colonists" at Columbia had better watch their step !

Anonymous said...

You got it right...."imperialist expansion" !

I finished up my degree at NYU ..... way before they got started in the real estate acquisition business !

I keep getting all those alumni donation requests to "support education"!

They'll never get a dime from me !

That money will never go into setting up any scholarship funds but go into buying more expensive real estate that they can add to their already vast holdings!!!

Anonymous said...

This is Manhattan so it got treated with a smidgen of sympathy in the press.

Queens? Stand in front of a bulldozer and you are a nutjob.

After all the elite that runs the Times would like to push the riffraff somewhere (but not too far as the misses needs some help with the apartment and kids while she makes the social rounds)