Saturday, July 14, 2007

57th Road in Maspeth renamed

If there was ever a blog post that drives home the fact that people living in Queens are treated as second class citizens, it is this one:

Shitting on St. Saviour's

More on the tree cutting here: Going, Going, Gone: Trees On St. Saviour Site Removed, Community Keeps Pushing To Protect

Photo from Middle Village Idiots
(Great Photoshop work, by the way!)


Moe said...

You actually inspired the photoshop, Crappy. I first started reading about these issues on your blog.

MV ben said...

why don't the people that want this property to be a park, just raise the money and buy it from the developer?

Then you could do whatever you want with it.

Anonymous said...

"As of Tuesday morning it seemed that all the campaigning, letter-writing and rallying to save the settlement from demolition just wasn’t going to be enough."

Typical Queens newspaper: give the grassroots activist a kick in the ass when they are down.

Its just trees, they can be planted again.

Julie said...

"why don't the people that want this property to be a park, just raise the money and buy it from the developer?"

The money is already raised. the government has it. Why don't our elected officials bring home some of the bacon for us and spend our taxes on something we really need and want instead of nonsense?

mv ben said...


you can wait for city money, or you can just buy the property from the developer (who is looking to sell), and then you can build the park as YOU see fit.

If you have the city but it, then you also have the city planners that you are going to have to fight.

Remmeber, they might not "see" it as you do, which mean other fight.

We can form a NFP is purchase the property, then the NFP (us) can control it - forever!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the preservation community?

Boycotting us? Hey great, lets boycott them! Everytime you hear someone is talking about HDC or MAS or 4 borros, remind them of their 'support' for St Saviours.

Return the favor: boycott them.
Dont attend their events, dont pay them $ (for what?) dont support their programs.

Get over your little personal agendas and in the long run we will be far far better.

Anonymous said...

Ben, the asking price is $10 million. That's a lot of money for an NFP to have to come up with in a short period of time.

mv ben said...

If you had taken all this effort and started fund raising, you could have a nice down payment on it by now, instead of losing the trees and the eventually the whole property.

What is more important; have the city buy the property, or saving the property?

Anonymous said...

"M"-ale-"V"-olent "Ben".....

You're either in cahoots with the developer or just off your nut with your totally unrealistic and stupid suggestion for the community to simply buy the property as easy as if it were a chocolate bar !

What amount are you going to contribute to the fund to purchase St. Saviours ?

We don't accept any bowel movements as pledges !!!

Ben Dover said...

MV Ben: WTF are you talking about?

Hey Crapper, I thought you are screening blogger comments.

It's apparent that MV Ben had a lobotomy.

Dog breath said...

Can you believe that the evil dumbass rapist, Dennis Gallagher is still blogging? And I even suspect some comments on QC are from Gallagher's equally slow witted attorney, Jake LaCrapa.

And a couple of comments have to be Joe Cimino's. He's the only person in Middle Village dumber than Gallagher & LaCrapa.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see Cimino?