Saturday, July 14, 2007

Doof on the roof

People in this city can be real assholes:


Report: Famous Upper East Side Hawk Injured By Construction Worker

I will never understand why people intentionally seek out animals to hurt and kill just for the "fun" of it.

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

this a$$hole should be dropped off the roof.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. Punks like him have to pick on small animals that can't fight back and kick his a@#. What a sicko!

Anonymous said...

Gee, they through rocks at one bird and he gets sympathy and attention.

Destroy dozens of bird nests at St Saviours and the city smirks and shrugs.

You see, people, not to worry. Discrimination against Queens cuts across species.

Feel better?

Anonymous said...

Well just take a look at this guy's face.....he looks barely sub-human !

No si habla carte verde (either.... probably) !

Anonymous said...

"You see, people, not to worry. Discrimination against Queens cuts across species."

Not to worry. Birds cannot overturn the landmarks law.

People can.

Anonymous said...

What is the uproar over a bird? Get thousands of guys like this into a community if you want to see real 'civic improvement.'

Protected by politicians, a large segment are here not to contribute, but to take - jobs, housing from long term residents, and instead of contributing to the local economy, they send every penny that they can get their hands on out of the community.

But that is ok. They can be exploited by landlords, eomployers, their padrones, and most importantly, they are the tweeded by the politicians.

Anonymous said...

But "Pale Male" is a star !

He's an upscale Manhattan mensch ! He's covered by a De Luxe PPO medical plan and he'll recover from his wound while basking in the sun on a wealthy condo owner's penthouse balcony !

Meanwhile, back in Queens the "Maspeth Chain Saw Massacre" is playing to a sellout crowd of crooked politicians!

All those (less privileged) baby song birds that were recently killed in their nests during the St. Saviour's tree cutting "ceremony" (by a violent rapacious developer) get disrespectfully carted away with the trunks of ancient trees in an open top 18 wheel semi!

Anonymous said...

Somebody ought to drop a rock on his head .
Just pour on the hot sauce and serve him up at a Tex/Mex barbecue !

But you won't find any brains in there.....a truly tasty delicacy....when served up piping hot !