Friday, June 15, 2007

Scarano not welcome in Carroll Gardens

His name is Robert Scarano and his building is not welcome in Carroll Gardens:

Carroll Gardens works to stop builder

Developer Robert Scarano, who has run afoul of city officials in the past for ignoring zoning rules at more than two dozen Brooklyn apartment buildings, now wants to build on the leafy corner of Smith St. and Second Place.

At a rally last week at 360 Smith St., neighbors and elected officials blasted the plan, noting that a large structure will not only be an eyesore, but will block the main entrance to a subway station.

Why is Scarano still issued permits if he can't follow the rules? Why isn't he bunking with Tommy Huang right now in a nice comfortable cell?

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Scarano is indeed Brooklyn's version of Queens' Tommy Huang!

Why they're not jail house buddies is obvious.....they probably still own a couple of politicians or judges !!!!

Somebody's got a "back door" to City Hall.....maybe ???

Taxpayer said...

Let's send Pinky over there to climb into Scarano's pockets.

He'll fit, for sure!

Has that elfin welsher ever paid his more than two-year-old bill at Harry's Hardware?

Anonymous said...

Send 'em over to Queens, particularly CB1.

The only question asked is 'how high?'

WWIB said...

'Many are paid, few are apprehended."
-- Jimmy Breslin

Anonymous said...

I once witnessed an 80 year old lady carrying a protest sign at a demonstration about 15 years ago.

It read:


Don't you love those live-it-to-the-last seniors !!!!