Monday, June 11, 2007

Bayside caught in Huang man's noose

"Just the facts:

Project Description: One-lot development built on a “so-called” “through-lot” with front house facing 223rd Street and three other houses facing Mia Drive . FDNY and NYS DOT approval presumably required for the “private road”. Homeowners’ Association and easements presumably necessary? Approximate lot size: 100 ft. X 230 ft. Previously contained one 1-family home.

Development vehemently protested from the inception. Owner of record: Huang (no matter how you slice it). Architect of record: Angelo Costa of Costa Design. Is he still working on the project?

Some post gas main photos. This is how the site appears today. Shutdown. No apparent activity. Gate wide open. No required construction sign for which they just received a violation. You have a good shot of the “Private Road” now called Mia Drive. One of the pieces of equipment owned by First Class Wrecking remains on the scene. They removed the piledriver a few days ago. Piles evident. Debris and garbage all over. Drywells dangerously stacked up. Door on 4th house wide open. Supplies on front lawn. Unsitely. Safety issue. No apparent reason for this condition. Blatant disregard of neighbors and their homes. A real estate sign still visible on the construction fence. No certificates of occupancy issued to date. Marketing of houses has been constant for a few years.

Property purchased end of 2002. Foundations started early 2004. A total of more than 100 warranted complaints for all 4 houses. In actuality, there should have been more. Zoning changed 4-12-04. Two years and approximately two months have passed and no certificates of occupancy for any of the homes. Construction permits lapsed since March 2006. Nonetheless, plumbing permits issued to correct drywell audit.

DOB: Project and developer on the radar screen. Owner’s application to renew permits being reviewed.

DOB continues to suggest that the project is an as-of-right project and that it has been audited more than once."


Anonymous said...

Bayside: You've been Huanged!

Anonymous said...


Set up a web site listing ALL Huang properties with links to consumer/real estate sites (national & international) WARNING any potential buyers that this is a "HUANG HOME"......and that any buyer should beware!!!

Maybe this is the only alternative if C.M. Avella can't get Huang barred from building in NYC !

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m....arson and "Chinese fire drills" ????? !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baysiders were warned about Tommy 20 years ago!

Their answer was that it won't happen here!

Now....stew in your own juice!

Anonymous said...

Just the facts:

Some progress to report. The DOB BIS website shows today that the 4 new building construction permits; 3 new garage permits; original plumbing and equipment permits have been revoked.

The permits to remediate the retaining wall and drywell installations (which were both self-certified) for some reason seem to be still in effect.

Anonymous said...

When DOB says a project is as of right they really mean "ASS of right"!