Monday, June 11, 2007

Pavilion 'most endangered landmark': Fund

NY1 reports that the pavilion at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park was placed on a "World's Most Endangered" list:

A rusting monument from the World's Fair joined Machu Picchu on a list of the world's most endangered landmarks, released Thursday by the World Monuments Fund. The New York State Pavilion has been named one of the top 100 most endangered cultural landmarks by the fund.

Queens Monument On List Of Endangered Landmarks

“All the studies indicate that it has probably gone too far in decay and that's a concern,” said Borough President Helen Marshall. “But, of course, if it can be, then I am willing to listen to the experts and whatever they say. I will be happy to restore it.”

And who allowed it to get that way, Helen?


verdi said...

Of course Helen is willing to "listen to the experts"....HER OWN APPOINTED "EXPERTS"....and they will find (no doubt) that the pavilion is beyond repair.

Then she'll be off the hook and she can happily break her promise (among many others) to restore it!

-Joe said...

I spoke to one of the several Engineer's who built the new theater extention.
it will cost 40 million to demolish it $80 million to restore it in its current state. The observation towers are stable most if the rest is not.

The "comic" replied like Archie Bunker Haaa Haa Quote:
"do you really want to go up there to look at Queens in 2007"

"Its not 1964 the Worlds Fair, is outright F***ing depressing"

"I was born here in Corona, now look at it now 'explitives removed"

"John Rocker was so right"

"Have you read seen the Queens Crap websight or took a drive through Flushing"

Anonymous said...

There was only one 1964 World's Fair. Take that as a lesson Ms. Marshall. Don't put the horse before the cart, when there were only very few studies (i.e. the early 90s study). Additional studies must be conducted. Work with your constituents, and not the "experts" who are affiliated with city council. No excuse for an unofficial landmark of vast significance!!!!!!!