Sunday, June 10, 2007

Illegals doing illegal work trapped in fire

Hey isn't it great that illegal work is being done by illegal workers and nothing is being done about it?


Workers rescued from fire

5 Are Rescued From a Fire at a Grocery in Queens

We're sure that the powers that be will say that this exploitation is "terrible" but it will continue to go on unchecked.

Map from NY Times


Taxpayer said...

Bloomberg wants this to be a sanctuary city so that employers have a steady supply of cheap labor. Even if these 5 had died, there are more.

So, why bother with safety standards? Illegal aliens are like lab animals; disposable once their purpose has been served.

Of course, cheap labor by illegal aliens results in teens, retirees, and various unskilled legal citizens from getting work.

Why should Bloomberg care? They are all the "Little People", whether legal or illegal. He never met any of these people at a cocktail party, so they don't matter anyway.

Anonymous said...

Whats a few burned 5'6" Mexicans compared to the "building boom" conflagration that puts money in the campaign coffers of most of our politicians!

It's coldly referred to (I'm sure) as collateral damage behind closed doors in many smoke filled clubhouses!