Thursday, March 8, 2007

Welcome to March 1958!

The Queens Gazette's Long Island Star-Journal excerpt for this week is about zoning:

"NYC Contemplates 1st Zoning Change Since 1916"

Part 1

Part 2

1958 photo of Queens Botanical Garden from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

You should see QBG today!

Aside from thie nice iron fence that surrounds it (oh yes, and the new building in progress), the place looks like a weed patch and a construction site. The current"Rose Garden" is a bare vestige of what it once was. The "Wedding Garden"does look great. Do I hear its executive director gets well over $70,000 a year running the place?

What is Estelle Cooper & Adrian Benape thinking about nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Estelle Cooper is breathlessly waiting on the wings for the Clair Shulman award!

Anonymous said...

Why are you surprised? You have a small clique that spends their time figureing out how to milk the cow, and give each other awards for doing it, while they are followed by a drooling press mostly comprised of bored housewives and second stringers.

Meanwhile, the rest of the city is going foward. As this group lets Queens sink into decrepitude, more and more areas in the other boroughs are looking simply stunning.

Go ahead Queens folks, walk around the rest of the city and take a look.

And wonder why we accept this.

Anonymous said...

It appears that man in the story got his wish, it's now a legal three-family house.

I guess even back in the late 50s, there were people who overbuilt their properties and then claimed "hardship."

Nice to see that it's still held by the same family, though.