Thursday, March 8, 2007

Storm over Dorm

The Daily News reports today that Queens College's plan for a new dorm to attract music students isn't going over too well in the neighborhood:

Storm over new Queens College dorm

An earlier piece in the NY Times touched on the subject briefly


Anonymous said...

Where is Queens Civic Congress? Standing around with spot down zoning for selected communities with pull while the development oozes everywhere else?

We need a compreshensive effort to down zone all of Queens.

We need zoning that benefits the people that are here, not the projections of some faceless city planner who follows the instructions of his bosses satisfying campaign chits.

Anonymous said...

I agree, all this spot zoning should be overturned. It is discrminatory.

Either everyone shares in the burdens of developement, or everyone shares in the benefits of enjoying open sunlight.

I urge anyone from the political/developer complex to look into overturning this spot zoning bulsh*t.