Thursday, March 8, 2007

Grand Pile of Crap

If you want anymore proof that Queens is the wild west of building, take a look at the permits (or, should I say, lack thereof) for 85-34 Grand Avenue in Elmhurst. According to the DOB online records, a stop work order has existed on this property since 2003 for front yard excavation which undermined adjacent properties. This was likely a case where the DOB's system was not updated, because this building was finished in 2006 and is partially occupied. Prior complaints indicate that an illegal apartment was present in the basement, the owner failed to maintain the property and that the stop work order was violated. Those were all infractions, however DOB saw no problem with issuing an "alteration" permit to plant a 3-story building in the front yard of an attached house.


Anonymous said...

Oh gee. Queens has how many 'news'papers?

Now, with alllllll those papers, how many wrote up about something like this?

Can anyone find even one?

Send in to ol' Crappie anything like this along with a photo. If the issue has merit, perhaps they will post it.

Also send in the copy of your letter to the editor at the local paper and your letter to your local 'elected' official.

Now with clubbing at the clubhouse, dining with the developers, 'tweeding' with their new friends and resting at their (non-Queens) summer home from all this 'part-time' work, they might not get back to you that fast, but that's ok.

It will be here at ol' Crappie for the whole world to see and admire.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody fastened a brick carton to the facade! Very "imaginative"!

A big block-busting box!

This is the kind of shit that destroys a neighborhood forever!

Anonymous said...

This area is on the upswing, especially since Assemblywoman Marge Markey moved her office out.