Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Brian's Back

The Village Voice reports that Brian McLaughlin is back, and now he's tanned, rested and smiling:

A tanned McLaughlin back in court

Photo from "How to Succeed in Business" by the Queens Tribune.


Pinky said...

Happy to see you're back, my big moneybags.

Just let's keep all those "deals" a secret. Please don't turn me in to make your own situation easier.

Take the extra years in prison for me.

The Doctor said...

That's no tan. Just like a groundhog on Feb 2, he just pulled his head of of his ass to see if his buddies were there for him.

No worry; his head will go right back up very quickly.

Anonymous said...

He'll be soon pale enough if he winds up spending most of his time in a jail cell.

It's hard to work on much of a tan in the excercise yard !

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to see him get off lightly if they could tag him to the Staviskys!

Maybe he'll give them up in a deal!

The Friendly Giver said...

McLaughlin is a living, breathing human TURD - stealing from the little kids' baseball league! Folks, can you imagine this married Queens political piece of shit buying cars for his galpal with union money?...Hey Assemblyman, enjoy your tan now - you won't get one when they bend you over in the cellblock showers!

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around!

The Assemblyman has "bent over" his constituency for years. Now if somebody "bends him over" in the prison showers.....he'll get what he deserves.....JUSTICE..... for stealing from the kids' piggy banks!

Flushing Crap in Flushing said...

What a disgusting filthy dirtbag this guy is. Throw the book at him!