Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Burden on Coney Island

It's interesting how city planning deems certain debatable development projects to be not good for the city, while others which clearly are bad are allowed to proceed, if not encouraged, without a second thought:

Sitt Buckles Into Coney Rollercoaster

The Daily News reports that in a different part of Brooklyn, a lovely old church is now threatened:

Sacrificing sanctuary for condos

Photo of Department of City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden from the NY Observer.


John Vliet Lindsay said...

I like Sitt...he's the embodiment of "Fun City"

Anonymous said...

The more we are a party to tearing down places and symbols of FAITH in NYC.....the more we contribute to the making of a new breed of heartless and mean spirited populace.....the future residents of NYC!

The ultimate cartoonish parrody can be seen in the movie. "Escape From New York"!

Wacky Willie in Woodside said...

Amanda can burden me anytime.Yeah baby!