Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Your tax dollars at work, continued

From today's NY Post:

Planners of the long-delayed Brooklyn Bridge Park project have spent more than $16 million in taxpayer money in the last five years - more than it cost to build the bridge in the 1880s.


...the 85-acre park along the Brooklyn waterfront, which was supposed to break ground three years ago, has yet to be built.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation is a NYS agency. The above photo is from their website.


Anonymous said...

$16 million that’s all !
2 years ago they blew $500,000 on donations to save the New York State pavilion flying to Veneto Italy to tell us the terrazzo map could not be restored after 40 years of disconcerting neglect.
...Nice vacation ehhh ?

The "Study" racket has gone unchecked for too long and need to be policed.
Better yet flush all the park bosses and council populate straight down the toilet !

Invstigator said...

Corrupt? Yessiree!

The Parks Department has been - since Stern's time - a criminal racketeering organization.

Today, I notify Department of Investigations AND the FBI. DOI is not trustworthy either.

Where's Bloomberg? How much is he raking in on this?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand....that waterfront land should go to towers for rich people, at least that is what our community board, politicians, and newspapers tell us in Astoria.

Why are we paying taxes for the people in Brooklyn to enjoy the waterfront? Could someone ask our politicians in Astoria about this?

Anonymous said...

Correction, previous poster ... racist waterfront towers for the rich...the process is being used to discriminate against certain classes of people, a process that probably violates a number of federal laws on this sort of thing...right across from the UN!

Does anyone have the phone number to the Venezeuelan embassador? Maybe he can ask if affordable housing would be available for immigrants from Latin American ON SITE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, back home in Queens, didn't the Sunnyside #7 viaduct redux cost over $90,000,0000 the first time around? Then they had to re-do the job again because of cracks in the track bed.

They're still working on it today....duh....what's the final $$$$$$$$ tab going to be? Talk about the city's (and contractor's) part in this financial fiasco!

Is this the same outfit that won the bid on other city contracts? What was the process and who in government was connected via campaign contributions (maybe)?

I'll bet Mc Laughlin's "electrical union boys" did their part!

Anonymous said...

Why does Brooklyn merit a waterfront park while Queens gets Queens West and "Silvercup Suna-ville" instead.....cramed along our waterfront?

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe some newspaper in Queens will do a story as to why its ok for us to give our waterfront over to racist towers for the rich, while we pay taxes for people in Brooklyn and Manhattan to enjoy their waterfront.

Let's face it folks: it ain't gonna happen.

Why? Your own elites have contempt for you.

Anonymous said...

How about something from your Columbia journalism students that are always underfoot.

Write about anything you see on this blog and send ol Crappie a copy.

Perhaps you can be a 'published' author!!