Saturday, March 3, 2007

Toxic Sites in Queens

Betcha weren't privy to this info. The developers are. This came from a site dedicated to the real estate industry:

Frightening, isn't it? Check out your own neighborhood here:

TOXICS TARGETING, INC.: Toxic Site Maps for Queens

Info from Property Shark


Anonymous said...

Why isn't this stuff made public?

Why are only developers privy to this?

Does this imply that NYC government has only one constituency: developers?

Fine. Then let the developers pay the taxes for the city salaries.

Alan said...

As someone who suffers from many health conditions related to environmental issues, I am appalled at the lack of care and respect for the citizens of Queens. I believe I have discovered a cancer cluster of Polycythemia Vera in Queens and for the last 4 years, have been unable to get anyone other than City Councilman Tony Avella to take my concerns seriously, even though my anecdotal research weighs heavily in favor of the need for the collection of hard core data. Councilman Avella's office met with the same stonewalling that I had been experiencing.

By the way, a cluster of Polycythemia Vera has been confirmed in the town of Hometown, Pennsylvania:

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, they would be extremely appreciated. Please keep in mind that I am not well and cannot do a lot of the things that I was able to do a few years ago. Thank you for help and cooperation.


Anonymous said...

Looks like something REALLY stinks in Maspeth ;)

Anonymous said...

That's why it's usually safer to buy a circa 1900s or 1920's house, where it was likely then to be on virgin land or far away from old factories.

New construction is more likely to be built in formerly toxic areas (unless it's in-fill housing).

There were sites in Queens (Bulova Watch Company???) that may be contaminated with radioactive Radium. (Watches with hands that "glowed in the dark"...remember)?

I remember when we first move to Queens.......was it Sylvania or Bell Labs.....the current Bay Club (?) site. I believe there was a "contained" (or was it contained?) small explosion, involving radioactive material, that occured there in the early 1950s. The explosion incident made the papers. It would be interesting to do some research on this.

Are there any emerging patterns of health problems among the residents today in this area (directly accross from Fort Totten....with even more problems)?

Anonymous said...

Of course it would be unlikely but....... it should be required that an environmental disclosure statement accompanying a purchase contract be given to the perspective homeowner....before he buys.

A law requires that a house is be termite free....why not toxin free?

Yeah, I know I'm dreaming. Those real estate "termites" would be lobbying in full force to keep a law like this off the books!