Saturday, March 3, 2007

News from CECPP

"On Wednesday, Citizens Emergency Committee to Preserve Preservation (CECPP) received a response from the City of New York's lawyers, regarding our lawsuit to force the Mayor to reappoint or replace the 8 LPC Commissioners whose terms have expired. In reading through the document, we discovered that the city is claiming that our case is moot because:

"On February 15, 2007 the Mayor sent the names of five persons to the City Council to be appointed as Commissioners to the Landmarks Commission. It is also anticipated that in the summer of 2007 the names of two or three other Commissioners will be sent to the City Council."

To put this in context, a few weeks ago, the City asked the court for an extension, in order to better prepare their response to our case. During that extension, it appears that the Mayor put together his list of Commissioners and submitted them to the City Council. Therefore, one can reasonably conclude that the Mayor made his appointments in response to the court case. So, a big congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined CECPP v Bloomberg. It appears that the lawsuit is already having a positive effect on the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Now the question is, who are these potential commissioners? Also, what are their qualifications and where are they from?

If any of you know any of the names, please feel free to submit them via email or in the comments section of our blog ("


Anonymous said...

Great, so now we no longer will have to battle the enemy we know and instead we will move on to fight the enemy we don't know. The only problem is that they will now have fresh troops, and we won't. What exactly was the point of this lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

oh joy! new commissioners!

oh joy! an unbiased free press!

oh joy! Liberté, égalité, fraternité with Manhattan.

Lets go home. The little emperor has retreated ... to Elba.

Yea, sure.

Anonymous said...

One of the people already named by His Royal Highness Bloomberg as a replacement is already being criticized for being a potential Bloomie "yes man"! H-m-m-m, another Perlmutter in the making!

You can't win for trying!

I's time for a change in the City Charter that takes away the power of appointment of LPC commissioners solely bythe mayor!

Either that or abolish the Landmarks Law entirely.
It's a phoney anyway. We don't really have one!

Anonymous said...

Is that replacement Chapin, a former Parks Dept. biggie?

Anonymous said...

I think that CECPP is fast becoming another HDC.

What's happened to 4 Boro these days? I heard they're extracting some healthy membership fees nowadays!