Saturday, March 3, 2007

Tempers flare in Sunnyside

The meeting last Wednesday about the calendaring of the Sunnyside district boiled over:

Unity seemed a distant reality on Tuesday as residents occasionally shouted each other down. Several attendees also complained of neighbors spying and snitching on one another.

Calendaring Is Next For Divided Sunnyside

LPC description of an historic district:

An historic district is an area of the city designated by the Landmarks Commission that represents at least one period or style of architecture typical of one or more areas in the city's history; as a result, the district has a distinct "sense of place."

It is clear that Sunnyside deserves landmarking status.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

This also explains everyone's suspicions about Mickeljohn and her study: why she is getting such acces and why she is getting such attention.

She does not represent the community.

She is a creature of the machine.

Anonymous said...

It is also clear that the machine is getting desperate.

They are spreading lies and false deceptions.

They are dividing the community with incorrect statements.

They refuse to go into landmarked districts to find out the truth.

They are exposing themselves as handmaidens to the developers at the expense of their communities they swore an oath to serve.

Anonymous said...

There are moments when the preservation movement stands at a crossroads.

This is one of them.

If the machine prevails, and landmarking does not come to Sunnyside Gardens, then this is the first step of the end of landmarking as we know it. It will be the first step in a process that will ultimately lead in overturning the law.

If the machine is defeated, the dam will burst. A generation of pent up anger will be unleashed across the borough directed at an ageing out of touch leadership that is destroying one of the finest pieces of real estate in America by not serving the interests of their constituents and selling them out to developers. It will be the first step in a process that will ultimately lead in overturning the machine.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest bringing in the "Dont Tread on Me" flags for the next hearing and giving them out to the people the love Sunnyside Gardens and want to protect their community.

Let us make this a symbol of the poeple.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some of you out there don't like the machine.

How about a debate in the Chronicle?

Onorato vs Kroessler
Mickeljohn vs Van Bremer

Then let the public weigh who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Ms. Meikeljohn and her "flawed" faux academic "study" has been taken for Gospel too long!

The carte blanche access to media that this one little voice has been given leaves me very suspicious that she is the handmaiden of "political club politics".

What's her real agenda? Is she hiding something behind her weak rhetoric? What is the level of her proffessional expertise?

She seems to be a know-it-all. I'd like to see a copy of her curriculum vitae!

Anonymous said...

If I were the machine, I would pick my battles. Simply crushing the public everytime they do something that the clubhouse doesn't like is a very dangerous course of action.

Back off on St Saviour's, back off on SSG.

And perhaps, just perhaps, Louie XVI may beget Louie XVII before you are overtaken by the inevitable deluge.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the politicos (perhaps Onorato himself) troupe out the representatives of "cultural diversity" (perhaps from outside the Gardens complex) to disrupt this meeting!

Did anyone actually ascertain whether these "vocal" dissidents actually rent or own property in the proposed Sunnyside Gardens district?

Did any of these disruptors furnish copies of deeds or rental agreement to verify their residency?

C'mon! This is the oldest trick in the book. Maybe the "machine"even bused-in out of district aggitators! I wouldn't be surprised at this!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the area should be re-named "Shadyside" with the "dark cloud"of questionable political manipulation that sits hovering over the issues in Sunnyside!

Anonymous said...

Just as I predicted. White gloves and tea as the preservation manual suggests is the perfect recipe for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The more political pressure applied, the more shouting by the opposition, the more the SSG folks ... write letters and send emails.

It reminds me of the chickens in Chicken Run pedaling their airplane ... now faster girls! faster!

Anonymous said...

It'll be "tea & sympathy" if the Gardens gets voted down!
Pantywaist preservationists.....a big thank you to all!