Monday, March 5, 2007

Sunnyside in the Sun

The war over slate vs. stucco has made the NY Sun:

Landmarking Battle Divides Residents of Sunnyside

The vote to calendar or not to calendar will be made by the LPC tomorrow.

While the bickering continues in the Bunker borough,

Wall Street Gets Historic Designation

After 3 Centuries, Wall Street Earns Historical Status


Anonymous said...

Money always protects money. Of course Wall St. gets designated! It's the birthplace/trading spot, or should I say garden, of all that "green stuff"!

Sunnyside Gardens, on the other hand, is a fairly nice looking middle class "bubble"in the midst of a Queens not-so-affluent immigrant neighborhood.

Do the math and figure it out for yourself!

Anonymous said...

There is little doubt, after watching the antics of the machine and their friend Mickeljohn that this whole focus on immigrants is simply a desire by the machine for votes.

They have a fear if they cannot control who moves in (by keeping a tight reign on community image making) a group of people into quality of life (read hostile to the machine) may move in.

Anonymous said...

Starting to hear that seniors in the community are getting intimidated by the anti-landmarking crowd.

If anyone has information about this please notify Crappie.

If enough information can be provided Crappie will post it and call for an investigation.

You out there reading this know who are are speaking about.

You are being watched. Your actions are being written down. A record of your behavior is being recorded.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that a friend of mine was in upper Manhattan recently. They were shocked at how nice the area has become since their last visit: no grafitti, clean streets, etc.

Now contrast this to Queens, a once nice place spiraling downward.

The difference? The political leadership that puts their agenda of staying in power over the needs of their people.

The exhibit? Sunnyside Gardens. There is absolultely no reason that everyone should make every effort to keep this place special.

Instead the polticians, along with their handmaidens, are spearheading the effort to break the spirit of that community.

The bastards.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens in any one party state. I wonder if there are rights that Americans have for competitive democracy.

I wonder if there are any legal venues against a clique that conspires to take away our freedoms of choice in the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Congressman Ackerman's newspaper will do an expose on this!

ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Watch out. Sunnyside Gardens may eventually become Sunnyside Ghetto if Meikeljohn, Onorato & Co. have their way via their immigrant block busting techniques!

Go on George....import your votes. Neighborhood natives aren't voting for you!