Monday, March 5, 2007

Simeon Strikes Back

George didn't slip that letter in under the radar:

HDC Response to Senator Onorato's Sunnyside Letter


george the atheist said...

Sen.'s very simple, your "ass" is behind you just above your thighs while your "elbow" is found between the upper and lower arm.

Anonymous said...

Excellent on the part of HDC.

Now they need to pump things up another 99% with a sustained program aimed at all the elected officials and community boards.

Then they need to provide the resources to germinate and grow a city wide grass roots preservation effort.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Simeon and HDC!

George ("the bricklayer") Whore-norato (a cheer leader for the developers) was "politely" reminded of the fool that he really is!

Anonymous said...

Bah....another "polite" letter!

It may be a start but what's going to follow?

It's time to picket somebody's house or district office!

Any further ideas?

Anonymous said...

Yeah.......even the not-so-polite "Declaration of Independence" had to be backed up by a "Revolutionary War," otherwise it would have all been meaningless!

What is the next "action" planned by HDC? We're here to support you!