Monday, March 5, 2007

No $$$ for you!

See, the unions have it all figured out. If you don't do what we say, you'll get no ice cream money from us:


Officials at the city's largest municipal union threatened to halt campaign donations to council members if they don't support a measure to let union workers live outside the city...

Since threats like those make most politicians crap their pants, the Crapper is predicting a unanimous "no" vote by the Council.


Anonymous said...

Hey, there are more of us voters out there than union chiefs or union members.

Let's take a cue from them and vote NO when the politcal "sludge" (who've taken developers' money) come up for election or re-election.

We have more power than we think if we learn to read between the lines of the political rhetoric (aka bullshit)!

In a democracy, you get who you vote for. No use crying, after the fact, when you're the one that help put a bum in office in the first place!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone that works in the city should live in it.

How about reserving special space in these immigrant dorms that dot the Queens landscape for city planning officials.

Now they will not only have a chance to make crap, but live in it.


Anonymous said...

If a city worker is on my dime, then the employee must live in the city or lose the job.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we forced city workers to live within city limits, they'd be more helpful when you ask them for help. You just know they run home at 5pm and tell their husbands and wives what a rough day they had dealing with the "animals" that live in the city.