Monday, March 5, 2007

Still blaming Con Ed

Michael Gianaris must be afraid that his constituents will blame him for the Con Ed fiasco when he is up for re-election.

Con Ed ad outrage


Lawmaker: Con Ed Still Owes Queens

Lawmaker Says Con Ed Owes Queens Residents

Enough already! Stop promoting overdevelopment and focus on improving the infrastructure and maybe the power will stay on this summer.

At least this article touches on the real problem:

Power Line Pits City's Energy Needs Against Upstate Opposition

Now you are an assembly member, Gianaris. What are doing about this?

Photo of Gianaris from NY State Assembly


Anonymous said...

Gianaris is more interested in mega-votes than mega-watts!

Political power vs an adequate power grid for his constituents.

Time to pull the plug on this thug!

Don't re-elect him!

Anonymous said...

I remember how an editorial came out about the comptroller replacement for Hevesi.

Guess what? A party hack selected instead of someone qualified.

Guess what? Gianaris voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gianaris, you knew the power grid was in trouble (does Washington Heights mean anything to you?)

Instead you played softball with them!

You got them to pay for a park around a school.

Something of substance to protect your constituents?

ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

There are a group of us Con Ed workers that will be dogging anything this boy has to say.

Love to give him a tour of what is down there. Might even give him a chance to splice some cable next time the temperature falls below zero.

Oh, and instead of endangering our lives with a power grid that is dangerously over burdened (especially since he supported putting even more thousands on) how about putting in a new substation?

Anonymous said...

Hey, when are you going to launch an investigation on all those reimbursement checks that went to the same address when not a single name showed up on the meter?

Anonymous said...

Pull the plug on this thug!


Anonymous said...

Hang it up boys. I live in Manhattan and will support a class action lawsuit if everyone has higher utility rates paying out all those bribes to your district.

You cannot control development out there, everyone in NYC calls your area the Wild West.

And no, we are not going to bail you out. Take it out of the hide of the morons that reelect you jerks.

Maybe if they start to have to pay for this they might wise up and get someone that represents their interests instead of the campaign donors as you build your resume.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the Vallone Law Firm paying $$$$$$$$$$ for their ads in the weeklies while "Junior" Vallone keeps blaming Con Ed.

His family bears the main responsibility for the blackout!

Anonymous said...

Don't single out the Vallones.

There is enough blame to spread around.....

homeowners, real estate speculators, newspapers, community board members, other politicians ....

Son of Legals said...

How many who rage at Con Ed have promoted the idea that New York City be a "Sanctuary City" for Illegal Aliens?

These aliens, in uncounted numbers, are sapping our schools, our police, fire and sanitation, our water, sewage, roads and power infrastructure.

The politicians were the ones to permit and promote this idiocy.

Illegal Aliens do not contribute to the excessive services they consume, so the politicians turn on the legal residents.

And, it's great sport for these politicians, including Bloomberg, to laugh at us for not tossing them all on their lazy, corrupt asses.

Under the Hell Gate said...

Well why do you think the politicians doth protest so much? They know there no doubt will be a repeat performance of the blackout this year and they want to make sure you still don't blame them. Put the blame on Con Ed - little reminders up until air conditioning season. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

"These aliens, in uncounted numbers, are sapping our schools, our police, fire and sanitation, our water, sewage, roads and power infrastructure."

Hey, so what? All the club house wants is for them to vote the 'right' way and have 'needs' the clubhouse can fulfill.

Its called 'tweeding.' A useful word. Use it as often as you can.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the weather got cold, and all those illegal basement heaters got turned on, the neighborhood has been smoldering again.

Virturally everyone has lost power or had surges the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

They want to build a few gigantic senior towers, a 15 story colossus on Astoria Blvd and a 9 story monster off Broadway.

If anything happens to those unfortunate people that are dumped into this unstable grid, their relatives should start lawsuits against the politicians that pushed this and promoters that built this.

Exposing a vulnerable segment of society to Astoria which that doesn't have the infrastructure (utilities as well as hospitals) to support this is inexcusable.

Stay turned....

Anonymous said...

If I.C.E. conducted a sweeping bunch of raids in Astoria........ boy would there be a huge drop in the rent rolls of all those small time greedy landlords renting basement apartments to illegal aliens!

Are you listening to all this George Dellis?

Community boards throughout Queens need to be purged of sawed-off types of egomaniacal real estate industry stooges

Anonymous said...

Funny how he made a noise about the money spent on the public relations campaign a few days before the rates went up.

Then the press went to Astoria and interviewed some old timer complaining that Con Ed wants to increase rates and not give out money for refunds.

So, I guess money grows on trees. That is what happens when you live under the machine. All those programs all the time.

Then someone wants to raise your taxes or rates. Who the hell do they think they are? I vote clubhouse. I AM entitled.


Anonymous said...

The other funny thing is he made this an issue knowing in a few days that the rates were going up.

I get the impression that certain politicians think the people in their districts are not very sophisticated and not very well educated.

The perfect profile to 'tweed' eh? You certainly don't want all those evil college educated yuppies coming in to spoil the fun, do we?