Monday, March 5, 2007

Killing ourselves

Overdevelopment contributes to the destruction of our natural habitat, we know that. But just how badly? You may not have realized the extent of it:

Bay Watchers Criticize City’s Cleanup Proposal

Addabbo: Save Our Vital Wetlands

City's goal is to breathe easy

And here we have an article about the cleanup of a toxic site:

Cleanup Of Toxic Site Begins Next Phase


Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to breathe easy when you've got the old hand-me-downs like i.e. the Staviskys (posing as champions of their constituents) hooked up with (sub-rosa) the developers getting re-elected every time they run

Remember, they were ass-hole buddies with indicted Brian Mc Laughlin as well as others!

But it's those "past-it" Mitchell Gardens supporters who still think that Toby is a saint!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was at a Stavisky fundraising barbeque in Whitestone (1980s) and neophyte Mc Laughlin was sitting at my table. (I'll bet somebody out there would like to know who I am)!

I pegged him then as a bag man for union votes to be delivered to Leonard at the time.

The connection goes way back.

That's politics for you!

Alan said...

I was very disappointed in the absence of John Liu and Toby Stavisky (or their representatives) at the Community Board #7 College Point Corporate task force meeting on Thursday, February 22. Many important issues facing this community were discussed, including the discussion of the New York Times printing plant expansion. The Mitchell-Linden Civic Association is useless as well. I feel that there is no real representation for the Mitchell-Linden community. Thank goodness for the efforts of an energetic and knowledgeable Community Board #7. I have been in Mitchell Gardens since 1952 and I can hear dissatisfied rumblings amongst my neighbors. Perhaps others are feeling ignored as well.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I sympathize with you on this point. Stavisky & Co. doesn't really represent the Mitchell-Linden area anymore. They've used the area for years to enrich their political clout!

The Staviskys, I believe, (as was told to me) never had the "proper" legal residency to qualify for their office.

I understand that an "address" was maintained in the district so that they could qualify.

Was that so, in the past? I'd like some clarification on this.

As for C.M. Liu, he lives in the posh "Bayside Ave. Estates" neighborhood.....far away from such trouble!