Thursday, February 1, 2007

Who's Pulling His Strings?

From the Queens Gazette:

Gioia Calls For Greater Use Of LIC Resources

"Long Island City and adjacent territory contain three resources, natural and industrial, that can lead the way to great development, Gioia said: broad, underutilized boulevards, a waterfront and a rail yard. There are great possibilities for taking the several automobile sales and service lots that have gone vacant on Queens and Northern Boulevards and developing them for both new businesses and residences."

QC thinks the newspapers should print a rebuttal from a homeowning constituent taxpayer, like when the other side gets time after the President's State of the Union speech.

Photo from Queens Gazette


Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy owes his employers an apology: how about listing neighborhoods and people as a great asset - you know, those who pay his salary? In his district all he sees is 'underutilized' land. In his district all he sees is what is important to him. I guess he views his constituents as so many weeds marring those lots. He is an amateur politician to make that kind of gaffe!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many 1000s of people have been displaced by official government policy.

Let's see. We have ethnic cleansing in the vocabulary. Now thanks to the politicians in Queens, we have class cleansing.

I tell you guys, the only place you are going to get any attention is at the UN!

Anonymous said...

I guess that Gioia thinks if Queens doesn't look choked up with monoliths just like Manhattan, the land is underutilized! He ought to utilize his brain a little better!

Anonymous said...

"He is due to go out of office by 2010. He could not say what his post-Council career would entail, though some other elective office could surely be considered among alternatives."

Let's put it thise way, young man, you are lucky that in Queens most of the oppostion is a joke (Greens that are not 'green' for example).

This is not the way things are in the real world.

Your record on development is being documented and put together. It will be gift wrapped and ready for anyone that opposes you in office.

Anonymous said...

Councilman Eric Gioia is another Queens politician who is only interested in one thing... publicity. Point a camera at him and you will get his attention.

Unfortunately, the system rewards this kind of deception. It's easier to appear like you are doing something, like posing for photographers and getting your face in every local newspaper, than to actually do work. If he was truly working for his constituents, he wouldn't have time for all his meaningless photo-ops.

In the true style of his mentor, Chuck Schumer, the most dangerous place in Queens is between Eric Gioia and a camera.

Anonymous said...

"He lauded the Reverend Mitchell Taylor of the East River Development Alliance, for his work in the Queensbridge Houses, the largest public housing development in the country, citing the particular example of a working woman living there."

Did he mention the financial backers behind the good reverend? Does he mention the reverend’s silence on segregated housing at Silvercup, or the Queensbridge Houses will be blocked by the Suna brothers 50 story towers or the wall will reflect all the noise from the Queensborough Bridge back into the projects?

"She believed herself in a hopeless financial rut, despite her steady income. Taylor helped her with her tax forms, getting her a large return and helping her raise her credit score. Eventually she was able to finance a home of her own, demonstrating social mobility."

Now we understand the real reason behind all this desire for a bank branch and helping those folks at Queensbridge get housing. Any takers on how long before an effort will be made to move them out and bring rich people into the new Queensbridge Co-ops?

Anonymous said...

Well, if it isn't Mr. Gio-boy" tootin' his horn for overdevelopment and betraying his district! I guess he owes a lot of favors. Maybe he'll get a "subsidized" apartment in "Suna-City" or "Queens Invest" in repayment for his efforts! What's the "skinny" on his political campaign contributers? I can only guess!